Can Hamilton beat Vettel on Top Gear?

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    No he hasn´t.


    So a lap in a roadcar on an airfield is an indication of their talent relative to each other

    Yes it is…. same type of car, same track, same tyres… Why so surprised?? The Liana didn´t have EBD!!



    Track conditions could be very different though. And I’d be interested to find out for certain that ever driver gets the same tyres.



    LOL!!! Hmmm it seems you don´t like the outcome of the TG lap??? I hate to break it to you man, but I think Clarkson would not lend himself to benefit somebody… And how could the track been different?? They both had dry track… Or are you implying that Lewis´ track was dryer?? Or are you doubting that Lewis had the same tyres?? Hmmmm all of a sudden you are full of excuses trying to justify why SV got his tush handed to him… Like I said before, why so surprised?? The Liana doesn´t have EBD and doesn´t use Pirellis!!



    I still can’t get over how LH managed to do a 1:42 something. I always believed that a 1:44.0 was the general limit of the reasonably priced car, and it would be unlikely for someone to pull out a quicker lap than that in this wagon. However a 1:42 is just insane.

    On the other, he was only a few tenths slower than Vettel’s time in the rain.

    Liana needs to join F1 and make a team ASAP! :P




    I always believed that a 1:44.0 was the general limit of the reasonably priced car

    Why is that??? Because the triple world champ set the lap time??
    Well you know… Martin Brundle said it on Top Gear in the Senna documentary done by TG that good drivers can find 3 or 4 tenths…. the great ones can go out there and find 1 or 1.5 seconds… now we now where each stands… in a reasonable priced car… XD



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    @catracho504 There is no need to have that attitude. Just because I have something sensible to say on the matter is no reason to go off on one. Any F1 fan knows that just because a track is dry does not make the conditions exactly the same, which is the point I was trying to make.



    if he beats Vettel by more than a second, then the car has clearly been changed. Maybe just a new set of tires, which would dramatically improve the lap time.
    Think about, how many laps has the Liana done already? Maybe it was due for a tyre change. Road tires do not last very long on tracks. (The shoulders get worn out very quickly)



    Ok…. and what about the tyres?? you doubt they´re the same?? It just seems that finally one of the top drivers set things straight… Now all TG needs is to have Alonso grace them with his appearence in their show… He might not beat Hamilton´s lap… but I know he would beat the “triple WDC´s” lap… And with all due respect… I will not apologize for my reaction… you sir have attacked me on several ocassions so it´s nice to finally speak my mind and not have my comments moderated… at least in the forum…



    I would think that Top Gear would give Vettel and Ham sets of new tires.
    I also remember Vettel asking if he could change the tire pressure on his run. I think the Top Gear test is absolutely a valid and perfect form of comparison for the two. Identical car, same track, same conditions. What more could you ask for??? Cant wait for this weekend to watch it!



    Top Gear needs to get all the F1 drivers who have appeared in the past to come back and do it in the Kia.
    I’m sure every single one will come back.


    Max Jacobson

    I wouldn’t read too much into it if Hamilton beats Vettel’s time: the reasonably priced car is about as close to an F1 car as a musket is to a 50 cal. sniper rifle. Just because one may be better in the reasonably priced car doesn’t mean they’ll automatically be better in an F1 car. Many F1 drivers have before proven to be better at endurance racing than F1 for example, and the step between that pales into insignificance with what is an old, slow, cheap road car to the fastest track cars on the planet.

    Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see purely from an entertainment perspective. I think Hamilton will definitely be quick, but Vettel’s lap was almost pitch-perfect. I reckon it will be a close match!



    @catracho504 I can’t remember attacking you quite so aggressively though. I didn’t say that I doubt the tyres are the same, just that I’d be curious to know for certain, because let’s be honest a lot of features on Top Gear are more about entertainment value than accuracy. Of course, the funny thing about your reaction is the assumption that just because I had something fairly harmless but valid to say, that I must be a Vettel fan…


    Max Jacobson

    @catracho504 I am very much uncertain as to what Hamilton’s laptime will be and if he will beat Vettel. Why are you so certain? I believe the general consensus amongst the F1 community is that Hamilton and Vettel are the quickest on outright one-lap pace on the current F1 grid, so what is there to suggest that Hamilton will thrash Vettel?

    I do believe anyone who seriously considers a lap around Dunsfold in an old, beat-up >£15000 car representative of that driver’s pace relative to the opposition in a multi-million pound, state-of-the-art race car around a variety of challenging circuits needs a reality check. It does of course make for entertaining viewing however, so I am looking forward to seeing how Hamilton fares against the champion!



    @brunes I reckon the tyres are always fresh. This is because I remember when they retired the Liana they said how many sets of tyres it had gotten through (as well as clutch, brakes etc.) , and it was a lot. However, that’s another point- the clutch and brakes weren’t necessarily always new, although now that they use the car so infrequently they might just give it a proper service before every outing.

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