Can Mercedes challenge for a Podium at Monza?

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    Do you think Mercedes will be able to challenge for a podium in Monza? After Schumacher and Rosberg finishing 5th and 6th in the race. They seem to have brilliant top speed in a straight line.


    sbl on tour

    in a word, no



    They’ll definitely be fast, but I think that with at least McLaren and Ferrari ahead of them (and maybe even Red Bull) they won’t be able to challenge for a podium, just bigger points. Also look out for Force India. The battle between them and Ross Brawn’s team is going to be as intriguing as ever!



    Without a huge mayhem, that eliminates 4 out of the top 6 (McL, Fer, RBR), no.

    Judging by the performance at Spa; Merc, Sauber and Force India will definitely be fighting for big points, but not for a podium.



    They were fast in the straight line mainly the run through Eau Rouge.

    Button said

    “Yes, the Mercedes had a very low downforce setting. Actually it was more of a Monza wing setting than a Spa setting. I remember coming behind Michael (Schumacher) thinking that I had a good run with DRS and I was on the limit already and then Michael started to pull away. I wondered how he could do that! But I guess they went for a completely different aero package, which made it very tricky to overtake them. But weve got there in the end!”

    Wanting to see Schumacher on the podium why can’t I be optimistic.



    Unfortunately not. No matter how crazy the races are it’s pretty much guarantee to see the podium filled with Ferrari, McLaren and Red Bull drivers.

    I do miss the days where we had a completely random person on the podium but hardly any one seems to retire any more.



    The only person I expect to be on the podium at Monza is Alonso, the other places I imagine will be for Vettel and a McLaren (Hamilton if he can actually finish the race). I would love to see a Mercedes up there, but I imagine their tyre wear will get in the way as usual.



    I think Mercedes are too far behind the top three to beat them on raw pace. I miss the days of 2008/09, where we regularly had drivers from midfield teams, and sometimes from teams right at the back making the podium.



    Personally I think the frozen engine development is to blame for that. 18.000 rev limit on a V8 that can potentially do 20.000 revs and higher does not do much to reduce reliability… I wish they’d just get rid of the damn rev limit for now, we’re getting the new engine formula in 2014 anyway…

    As for Mercedes… no, I don’t think they can get a podium, not this season. I read comments about Schumacher like “imagine if he qualified higher”… he’d still be at 5th place max, in a lot of circumstances Massa and Hamilton would have probably finished higher than both Mercedes’ drivers too. Not much else can be archieved in that car, it’s just not fast enough.


    I just have a feeling that they may do well at Monza because of that cracking start and Rosberg made at SPA and also where Schumacher finished. However, I was probably being too optimistic with Mercedes chances.



    They can but probably won’t.

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