Can Schumacher win before retiring again?

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    Ben Needham

    As the title suggests, do you think Michael Schumacher can rack up that last elusive win before he retires?

    Form and the Mercedes car itself suggests that he can’t, but I’d argue that he’s more likely to than Nico Rosberg, should the Mercedes come good at any point.

    Equally, retiring in 2006 seemed to spark an extra gear in performance for him, particularly at Brazil.

    I’d say he won’t win another GP, but he won’t disgrace himself earlier, and it’d be great to see him on the podium once more somewhere.






    As much as I used to hate him in his first career (taking out Hill etc) I’ve sort of warmed to him over the last few years, maybe because he hasn’t been winning all the time and seems to have been slightly humbled by not being hugely successful. So I’d like to see him win just once, but its looking pretty unlikely



    Mercedes seem to have given up on the rest of this year so probably not. I’d love to be proven wrong though



    I can’t see Alonso do it, but wouldn’t it be an amazing farewell and tribute if, at the Brazilian Grand Prix, for instance Vettel/Hamilton/Button is first with Schumi in second, and if it doesn’t matter for the championship, they give him one final win?

    I mean, unlikely, but it would be the cherry on the top of an amazing season.



    @mnmracer That would be revolting.



    I agree with @necrodethmortem – I wouldn’t want to see that, and I’m sure none of those drivers would give up a win for him. I suppose Rosberg might, but that’s it.



    It’s not impossible, the cars ahead of him could have a massive pile up or something, but realistically it’s very unlikely.



    As much as I would love to see him take another win I don’t see it happening unless there is a pile up that takes up most of the front runners or there is a dramatic change in the weather and Schuey happens to be on the correct tyres.

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