Can we expect any new liveries next year?

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    For many years now I have been underwhelmed by the teams’ liveries. I’m not saying the cars look ugly, but there don’t seem to be many inspired or exciting designs lately.

    Here’s my expectation per team:

    – Red Bull: Don’t expect anything special. Seem to stick to mainly the same colours, even though they added the purple bits this year.
    – Mercedes: Will stick to their “corporate” silver.
    – Ferrari: Will stick to their “corporate” red, of course. Like many, I’ve been hoping to see a return to the black wings for years now, but I don’t think they’ll go back to them this year or probably ever.
    – Lotus: Black and gold (cough, beige).
    – McLaren: I’ve been hoping for a new livery from them for a while now. Now that they’re no longer the works (main) Mercedes team and are even changing engine suppliers soon, surely it’s time to get rid of the silver, right? If they can let go of their silver/red image with grey staff clothing, they could go for something entirely new. Teams have switched colours completely before (like McLaren themselves after the Marlboro period), so why not? Dare I say orange? I say orange!
    – Force India: Meh. Do not like. Will probably not change much.
    – Sauber: Seem to be slowly creeping from BWM white to Sauber grey/black year by year, be it through some less popular designs. I for one would love to see the all-black with white wings back that they started out with long ago.
    – Toro Rosso: Will probably be a darker version of the Red Bull, with gold instead of yellow, unless they surprise us.
    – Williams: Have gone back to a retro livery recently. I like it, but they might want to let go of the look that has now become synonymous with their unsuccessful years.
    – Catherham: Will most probably continue in their ironic Lotus green/yellow scheme.
    – Marussia: Same. Maybe some more sponsor influences?

    As is apparent, I’m most excited to see what McLaren and Sauber show up with. What do you guys think/expect?


    Juan Pablo Heidfeld

    McLaren are the only ones who might do something very different I think. Still, they might until 2015 so they can return to the red/white liveries from the Senna/Prost days



    I don’t expect much. As you say, Sauber and McLaren are the better bets for something different. I don’t mind this year’s Sauber livery, but it is a little plain- that isn’t actually a problem if the rest of the grid were interesting, because having a couple of teams being understated but good-looking is no bad thing. The trouble is that too few teams have stand-out liveries.

    McLaren’s livery is pretty iconic now, and I like it, but it may be time for a change.

    I think Williams’ livery would seem nicer if there wasn’t so much blue on the grid already. Blue and Red are far too prevalent on the grid- dark, darker and darkest blue are used by 3 teams as a base colour, and all but 3 teams use red, most of them rather prominently- with Toro Rosso being the least inspired design in F1 and using both. Red Bull have a very good livery (without the purple), but it’s so familiar, particularly due to it being on many cars before the team even came to exist. Toro Rosso takes that and adds a dollop of blandness by muting all the colours, meaning two cars end up with lesser versions of a livery already on the grid, in colours which are over-used. White is also far too commonly used for wings.

    What the grid needs is a few more bold designs which heavily use yellow, orange, purple, a paler vibrant blue etc.

    Force India are interesting, and realistically could use a bit more green in place of white, which I would like.



    Also, McLaren possibly returning to red and white doesn’t particularly excite me unless those two colours are being used by fewer teams by then.


    – Red Bull should try an electry blue / silver design (as the cans they have)
    – Ferrari should try more yellow (as it’s part of their logo.
    – Mercedes looks “boring”, they should use some black in their design ot the dark green they had in some parts, years ago.
    – Lotus should try an “all black” design (with the logos of course, but without the beige).
    – Sauber should try whatever they want as they don’t have a “corporate color” (they can put some red on it, as the “S” in Sauber logo is with red background)
    – Toro Rosso should try a new style of the painted bull.
    – Force India looks quite pale, they can use the colors a little brighter.
    – Marussia should return to the tribal tatoos
    – Caterham should get rid of that awful green. they could try whatever they want.
    – Williams should try some kind of 92 design.
    – McLaren should use the “Orange McLaren” for a year.



    @omarr-pepper You may get your wish with Williams – Massa is rumored to be bringing along some Banco do Brasil sponsorship.

    The bank’s colors? Yellow and blue. Just like Camel.




    Really hope McLaren and Williams pays homage to their turbo liveries, so the McLaren red and white (which if it is designed properly, it might work) and the Williams blue, white and yellow. Williams might do it, but McLaren probably won’t.


    Bradley Downton

    I’d love to see McLaren return to the Orange, but there has to be some sort of livery change there seeing as Vodafone have left them now.



    Exactly, so no Mercedes silver, and no Vodafone red. Time to change it up!

    I really doubt they’ll go red/white though, as that was really the Marlboro scheme. Alfa Romeo also sort of sported it for a year if I’m correct. And I don’t think they want to pay homage to Marlboro, especially with the Ferrari ties still there in the background.

    I’m hoping for orange, or something totally new. They haven’t announced a new title sponsor yet have they?



    @meander – Not that I know of. They were going to announce one at the beginning of December, but given that Perez is leaving, their big announcement of a title sponsor was retracted. So for now, that void remains open, which could be exciting for a livery change.



    The problem with Ferrari is Philip Morris. Through the grapevine you’ll hear they pay Ferrari to effectively tell them what livery to run. I’d like them to go back to black wings or even a full, darker red scheme like late 2007 and 2008.

    I’d like Williams and McLaren to do something totally new and Marussia, who are still updating the Virgin livery..



    Am I the only person that likes the Red Bull and Toro Rosso liveries? They look beautiful in low light pictures.

    McLaren going for a deep orange like this http://uncrate.com/p/2012/09/mclaren-p1-xl.jpg would be pretty sweet. I’m not bothered about Williams as long as they dont use pinkish red again…I liked the old Saudia liveries http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/60/Williams_FW07_Mont-Tremblant.jpg



    Williams will probably put a bit of yellow onto the livery thanks to the Brazilian links and as andae23, Banco do Brasil. Petrobras might bring a hint of green to the blue as well.

    I expect McLaren to keep the Mercedes silvery chrome for the final year as they will still be called *Title sponsor* McLaren Mercedes, but of course the Vodafone rocket red will be replaced. I’m going predict Sony, so just black and silver. In 2015, red and white would be a possibility. JamieFranklinF1, Perez was never going to bring a title sponsor to McLaren, so that’s had no affect on the outcome. The delay is because they want to make the car launch a bigger event.

    The only other changes I can see are Sauber returning to white and Force India getting some red due to Claro.



    @deej92 – Oh really? I guess I heard wrong then. Still, it’s exciting for the livery potential at the very least :)



    @jamiefranklinf1 Sorry if I came across as rude there. Today’s news has just put me in a very bad mood.

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