Canada tyre allocation madness!

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    can someone please explain why Pirelli are bringing the softs and super softs to Canada? The track is the most punishing on tyres on the whole calendar!



    I’m not sure where you got that information from – but it doesn’t really matter. In my opinion the tyres are just a bit wrong at the moment.

    The soft tyres are lasting as long as the hard tyres. The hard tyres are just slower versions of the soft ones. I don’t really understand the logic in that. Thus, I think before being concerned about the actual allocation for each race, Pirelli has to sort out creating a hard tyre that actually lasts a longer period than the soft



    Which they apparently are for Spain, so good news!

    Just because we had a mad race in Canada last year it doesn’t mean we’ll have won this year. The Pirellis aren’t dying quickly because they’re an inferior product, but because they have the tyre construction equivalent of a time-bomb in them. We’ve had four very different races so far and the tyre wear has been pretty much the same in terms of the number of laps.

    In answer to the actual question, they’re taking the two softest compounds because, ironically, the tyre wear isn’t that great at the circuit. It was only that great last year because it had been two years since the last race and if Bridgestone had brought the right compounds it would have been a normal race.



    It doesn’t matter, all the teams are in the same boat anyway. It just makes it strategy even more important



    here’s my source-


    ‘It doesn’t matter, all the teams are in the same boat anyway.’

    well i think it would if the tyres lasted about 5 laps…



    I think it has been said on here before about last years Canadian GP, that what added to the tyre madness was the fact that Red Bull opted to start on the harder tyre.

    God knows what this means for this years race though, as the difference between the hard and soft is pretty minimal in terms of degredation, it’s just speed that is the big difference.

    I’m sure Pirelli know what they are doing, and Canada will no doubt give us a fantastic race.


    Keith Collantine
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