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    Just to poke a bit of fun at our illustrious leader (Keith) this is what I saw when I refreshed F1fanatic at the end of the race


    :p :)


    Dan Thorn

    Haha! Perhaps it’s a sign…



    Haha.. very funny. Not as bad as when some websites accidently publish obituaries (I believe Time did this last year)

    sw6569 since you are on a mac and I noticed that you Googled on how to take a screenshot, I recommend you download Skitch – http://www.skitch.com – an awesome and free screenshot/pic tool with uploading builtin



    Either it was premature publication (sorry, couldn’t resist) or you momentarily happened onto a quantum rift in the fabric of space time and glimpsed a parallel universe – hey, it could happen.



    @nik yep, haven’t had the mac for too long and had no idea how to do it! Looks like you caught me out too ;)

    Am downloading now


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Oh, Keith … you didn’t just do that!



    The secret to Keith’s speed LOL.

    Just found it weird for a second, then assumed that FIA had disqualified the Red Bulls after the race lol.



    Is Keith actually biased, and trying to all get us to support Alonso? :p



    I can’t see the picture, what is it?


    Picasso 1.9D FTW

    Hey, I’ve got the whole article in my feed reader if you want to read it ;-)


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I can’t see the picture, what is it?

    It’s a screen capture of the front page of the blog with a headline article claiming that Fernando Alonso had just won his third World Championship. Obviously, Keith wrote several generic articles depending on possible championship outcomes so that all he would have to do is upload them at race’s end, and one of them somehow got posted by mistake.



    @Picasso, could you post the article? I’d love to read it


    Ned Flanders

    Haha, that’s one for the blooper reel



    could you post the article? I’d love to read it

    Here it is:

    Fernando Alonso has become F1 world champion for a third time in Brazil.

    Alonso began the season strongly with a maiden win for Ferrari in Brazil.

    But after that he had a series of difficult races. By the German Grand Prix he was 47 points behind in the chase for the championship.

    That race proved the turning point in his season albeit a controversial one, as team mate Felipe Massa was order to let Alonso past to win.

    From then on Alonso was the man to beat, winning again at Italy, Singapore and Korea. His Singapore triumph stood out as one of his best, snatching pole position and victory from Sebastian Vettel.

    The world champions by country

    Alonso is Spains only world champion:

    1. Britain 14 (Mike Hawthorn, Graham Hill (2), Jim Clark (2), John Surtees, Jackie Stewart (3), James Hunt, Nigel Mansell, Damon Hill, Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button )

    2. Brazil 8 (Emerson Fittipaldi (2), Nelson Piquet (3), Ayrton Senna (3))

    3. Germany 7 (Michael Schumacher)

    4. Argentina 5 (Juan Manuel Fangio)

    =5. Australia 4 (Jack Brabham (3), Alan Jones)

    =5. Austria 4 (Jochen Rindt, Niki Lauda (3))

    =5. France 4 (Alain Prost)

    =5. Finland 4 (Keke Rosberg, Mika Hakkinen (2), Kimi Raikkonen)

    =9. Italy 3 (Giuseppi Farina, Alberto Ascari (2))

    =9. Spain 3 (Fernando Alonso)

    11. United States 2 (Phil Hill, Mario Andretti)

    =12. New Zealand 1 (Denny Hulme)

    =12. South Africa 1 (Jody Scheckter)

    =12. Canada 1 (Jacques Villeneuve)



    I saw this on the RSS feed reader I use, then had to check other websites to make sure it wasn’t true.

    Obviously Mark Webber finished but was thinking there could be DQ or something.

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