Cheap way to watch German GP?

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    Hi everyone found this place after looking or help to watch the german gp.

    I have just been going over my european Road trip plans that start early next Saturday.

    I noticed that about Midday on the Sunday I will driving right past the Hockenheim circuit where the F1 grand prix is happening that day.

    I went on the F1 and Hockenheimring websites and tickets seem to be a bit steep for me, looking 400 for me and misses to go into a stand to watch.

    I know it is a long shot but does anyone know a way of seeing it or at least soaking up some atmosphere a bit cheaper, even a big screen in a field next to the track or a local pub with the game on, all sounds fine to me.

    Any help would be great.




    Ned Flanders

    I remember once on a school trip to Austria we stopped at a motorway service station just beside the circuit. As I remember it had lots of racing merchandise inside. This was years ago so I have no real recollection of what it was like, or whether it had a TV or anything… but it’s the best suggestion I can think of, other than climbing up a tree to see over the fence into the circuit!


    sbl on tour

    just get a basic day ticket on the day , about 70 euros each i think and check with hockenheim web site to where this will get you on the circuit, i would get there early, 7.00 am


    Keith Collantine

    You might find some ideas here: 2010 German Grand Prix discussion



    That’s not too steep


    sbl on tour

    you get what you pay for, we walked the circuit on friday and I thank my lucky stars we didnt have a basic admission ticket cos the views were rubbish and the screens were few and far between

    sbl on tour

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