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    So as a student me and my mates don’t have a lot of cash to play with – but would love the opportunity to see a Grand Prix “in the flesh”.

    (We live in Birmingham, UK)

    Based on your knowledge, guesswork or experience which would be the cheapest GP to see live including transport and accommodation?

    We have looked into Silverstone but the price is crazy – especially as the spectators are such a long way from the track. Would we be better flying out to Turkey or Hungary do you think?

    Thanks in advance


    Red Andy

    Certainly tickets for the Hungaroring aren’t massively cheaper than the western European races. Turkey might be a tad cheaper but you’ve got to get there first – EasyJet fly out from the UK to the airport near Istanbul Park but everyone (including team personnel!) will be getting those flights, pushing the price up.

    The cheapest general admission tickets for a European race are (I think) for Monza. The town of Monza itself is on a major railway line so it should be easy enough to access from wherever you get a flight to (Milan most likely but check out other nearby airports too as rail links in that part of Europe are very good). If you were feeling really adventurous and booked far enough in advance you could do the whole lot by train (Eurostar to Paris and then an overnight train to Milan) for under 150 return. Might do that myself actually…!#

    (Though if you can’t get a flight from somewhere in the UK to Milan for under 150 return then you’re probably doing it wrong).


    sbl on tour

    if you live in brum, then a visit to see silverstone syd is the best option, no flights, transfers, accomodation etc, however if funds would stretch I would take in a European race, 3 days at Monza would be hard to beat, camping out at the back of the Lsemos and chilling with the locals



    when you factor in food and other things you may find that silverstone is actually the cheapest – as horrible as that might sound!



    Thanks for all your input – might look into Monza at some point then. Cheers!


    Go to Spa, you’ll never regret it. Bronze tickets have 100x better view than Silverstone.

    Any F1 virgin has to go to Spa, best atmosphere on the calendar, it’s safe and peaceful unless your next to a bunch of Finns…



    Monza is a decent idea i reckon. If you fly with a budget airline (Ryanair maybe) you’ll be able to get it for about 50/60 return IF you leave it until about a month before the race to book a flight (that’s how they work….).

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