Childish Alonso well done Vettel

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    Well its been an exciting season for me it only seemed yesterday that i was sitting down to watch the Baharain grand prix but i think Alonso was very childish and stupid to do that to Petrov i agree with the commentators when they said ”Of course he is going to hold track position” well done to Petrov for holding his ground.

    Ok lets have your views on this!



    Hmm. I’m not sure. Brundle was a bit rude when he said “get real son”



    it was not Petrov’s fault he lost the championship he might aswell of put fingers up at Rosberg and Kubica aswell.

    He said ”get real son” because he was accusing Petrov of messing up his championship good luck next season Alonso.



    Martin was absolutely right, Alonso thinks he is the Jesus of racing drivers and just because he is in contention for the drivers title he should just be let passed. Fanando, you couldn’t take him fair and square, get over it.



    Alonso was absolutely wrong for his gestures at Petrov but Vettel did the crazy sign at Mark after he crashed into Webber, Senna punched Irvine and Trulli nearly attacked Sutil at Brazil last year. Ok, this didn’t have a crash but when there’s a title at stake I guess the adrenaline’s going and Fernando seemed a lot calmer after. He’s a passionate guy and although he was absolutely wrong and Vitaly had every right to fight I’m not going to be too hard on him for that.



    I think the comparison with Vettel in Turkey is a good one, Alonso was hugely frustrated and with the adrenaline pumping I really don’t blame him. He took time out to compose himself then when you look at the interview he gave 10 mins later it was really calm and magnanomous and he was also one of the first people to go down to RBR to congratulate him. I’m sure he regrets making that gensture at Petrov but I was very proud at how he reacted to losing today.

    Does this interview really sound childish to you?




    At face value, Vettel’s didn’t sound childish either: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PDsKF9IRI8

    Look, he made a mistake, it was neither excusable nor a big deal. If this season has taught me one thing is that drivers’ personalities are the last things to get hung up on, you don’t win by being nasty or good, it just happens.



    I do agree with you Ads21 a bit i think the Reaction was wrong but the recovery was excellent i think Alonso Regrets showing rude gestures to Petrov.



    Made me hate Alonso even more, what a knobber. Best driver in the world needs people to pull over to keep his dreams alive.



    Alonso was stupid for doing that gesture but I guess it was just a heat of the moment thing. Anyway I’m chuffed to bits Seb is a WDC.



    Agree with Steph.



    Not sure if it’s true, but GPGuide tweeted shortly after the race that Petrov’s engineer radioed to him after the race. “You are faster than Alonso, can you confirm you understand?”



    Love the Alonso / Petrov drama. Very enjoyable : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gz7MU8JFmxY

    What does the conversation look like to you?

    FA : ‘What were you doing? You ruined my season! You should have got out the way’

    VP : ‘What could I do? I’m racing.’


    VP : ‘What could I do?’


    VP : ‘get lost you *******, watch where you’re driving!’ ( Well, it was a one handed gesture witha bit of shaking, soo… anyones guess )



    sbl on tour

    ok ,was a bit peeved alonso didnt win, however I think the right man won given the season as a whole, because lets face it he was the fastest thru out the year, anyway its nice to see a good bloke win

    what really spoiled the day was the track , for all the money they have spent on it, its just a mickey mouse track with no decent overtaking places for F1 cars, cos lets face it if alonso cant pass petrov there must be a fundemental flaw in the system somewhere

    does ecclestone think we are all stupid or what, F1 aint the great spectacle he thinks it is

    despite this, role on next year


    sbl on tour

    oh nearly forgot , brundles comment “get real son” was pure class


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