Pre-race press conferences: What would you ask?

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    As @nomore said, this could be more entertaining than the race. I never bother with the pre-race press conference, but I think I’ll make an exception this time! I don’t think you could have created a better line-up!


    R.J. O’Connell

    Come to think of it, has there ever been a press conference in racing that melted down into an argument and/or fisticuffs?

    I’m not expecting Friday’s conference to go down that route, but I’m curious.




    Charles and Giedo: With Romain Grosjean getting 10-place penalty, he may well be demoted behind you in the starting grid. In general, how do you look on defensive battle against drivers in faster cars?

    Friday: (I want to stay away from tyregate, but ask about tyres a different question)
    Monisha, last year it was said that Sauber is one of the best with tyres. In Monaco, Nico struggled towards the end of the race. Was the reason that he didn’t save tyres enough or is this year’s car different compared to last year?


    Keith Collantine

    One person hoping to get a string of denunciations about Sergio Perez’s driving was to be disappointed yesterday:

    Q: (Alex Popov – RTR) For everybody, would you comment on Sergio’s race in Monaco? Do you agree with Kimi’s views or not?

    J-EV: I’m not going to comment.

    CP: No.

    Looks like a non-starter I’m afraid.

    But that didn’t stop someone else trying exactly the same line of questioning with a similar lack of success:

    Q: (Olivier Arbour – Radio Canada) To all of you: what do you think about Sergio Perez’s driving; do you share Button’s view that he should maybe calm down, or are you more on Raikkonen’s side?

    GvdG: If nobody comments I will comment. I know Checo quite well, we were teammates together in 2010. I think he’s a real fighter, you know, and he’s a guy who wants to win – everybody likes to win – but of course how he raced in Monaco, sometimes he did well, sometimes going over (the top) but I think it’s a tough call.

    PM: No comment.



    I’d probably ask them why they’re all so terribly dull.



    British GP:

    Thursday 15:00
    Fernando Alonso (Ferrari)
    Jenson Button (McLaren)
    Max Chilton (Marussia)
    Paul Di Resta (Force India)
    Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)
    Mark Webber (Red Bull)

    Friday 16:00
    Eric Boullier (Lotus)
    Ross Brawn (Mercedes)
    Stefano Domenicali (Ferrari)
    Paul Hembery (Pirelli)
    Christian Horner (Red Bull)
    Martin Whitmarsh (McLaren)

    You may guess what the team principals will be discussing mainly ;)



    Alonso: How are the championship chances now?
    Webber: What was your favourite moment in F1 until now?
    Button: What is going on with the MP4-28?
    di Resta: How do you see your battle with Sutil?
    Chilton: Do you believe you can improve and make the difference to Bianchi smaller?
    Hamilton: How would you rate Mercedes’ penalty?

    For the team principals, no questions, we will all have the same.




    Rosberg is winning the Pre-Race conferences so far.



    Keith Collantine

    Here’s who’ll be facing the press in Germany (assuming Hembery shows up this time):

    Nico Hulkenberg (Sauber), Sergio Perez (McLaren), Daniel Ricciardo (Toro Rosso), Nico Rosberg (Mercedes), Adrian Sutil (Force India), Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull).

    Pat Fry (Ferrari), Paul Hembery (Pirelli), Paddy Lowe (Mercedes), Tom McCullough (Sauber), Sam Michael (McLaren).

    Over to you for the questions…



    I’d like to ask Sebastian Vettel whether he agrees that he hasn’t gone well at Nurburgring so far, and why that is.

    For Rosberg: how does he feel about going to Hungary on tyres that are completely new to him, but on which other teams have tested three or four days? Or does he suspect that the proposed tyres will actually favour Mercedes?

    For Nico Hulkenberg and Tom McCullough: is it true that Sauber is in financial difficulties, and has Nico been paid recently ?

    For Tom McCullough: I read on gpupdate.net that Frijns was due to get two days running in the YDT. Is that still on now race drivers are also allowed to make an appearance?

    For Sam Michael and Tom McCullough: what are your plans regarding doing development work with young drivers, and doing tyre testing with race drivers, at the upcoming young driver’s test?



    For Hulkenberg: It’s your first time on the Nurburgring, do you think you’ll have to get used to this track as if it were new on the calendar, or will your experiences in GP2 and F3 be of value, even if they were a couple of years ago?

    For Vettel: Much has been made of your performances at more traditional circuits compared to more modern tracks. Do you consider the tracks to be an influence on your driving or preparation, or would you say it’s a coincidence?

    For Sutil and Hulkenberg; How much influence does missing a year of driving have on your preparation during your return? Is it harder to start up again, or to maintain your fitness and preparation levels?

    For Pat Fry: While they’re unable to test new parts at the upcoming YDT, Ferrari have opted to run their race drivers. Have you considered giving a non-Ferrari Academy rookie a shot, or will you wait for Raffaele Marciello?

    For McCullough: You’ve opted for Frijns to get two days of development driving. Can you tell us how Frijns’ feedback, which Sauber praised at last year’s YDT as well, compares to other rookies you’ve dealt with?



    Hungarian GP:

    Thursday 15:00
    Valtteri Bottas (Williams)
    Paul Di Resta (Force India)
    Esteban Gutierrez (Sauber)
    Lewis Hamiton (Mercedes)
    Pastor Maldonado (Williams)
    Kimi Raikkonen (Lotus)

    Friday 16:00
    Cyril Abiteboul (Caterham)
    John Booth (Marussia)
    Franz Tost (Toro Rosso)
    Claire Williams (Williams)
    Toto Wolff (Mercedes)



    To Esteban: How difficult has this first season been for you? What are your personal goals until the end of the season?

    To Lewis: Considering the heat, is there any way to compromise qualifying pace for a better race setup?

    To Pastor: If a seat were to open up at Lotus, would you consider entering into talks for that seat?

    To Rost: How happy are you that Austria is back on the schedule? Does it affect you guys at all?

    To Toto: Will Mercedes chose a less aggressive setup for qualifying, viewing a better performance in a other hot race?

    To Claire: How is the 2014 project coming a long? How much are you invested into it up to now?



    There will be no Massa to ask when the drivers are leaving for holidays:

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