Complete rubbish – formula 1 = ferrari 1

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    I am absolutely applaud by the race. It`s 1 rule for Ferrari, and other rules for everybody else.

    Didn`t ferrari complain when the rest of the field were fixing results, though n.

    ow it benefits Ferrari it`s ok.

    Complete and blatent swapping of positions that did interfere with the race en ‘result. Charlie better get his act together, after he fined mclaren ‘100 million. That was completely unfair racing by ferrari – charlie HAD better act & at least fine, ferrari minimum. More appropraite would be to strip them of ALL their constructors points – like he did Mclaren.

    That was NOT F1 racing, that was ferrari fixing it



    As much as I hate ferrari for doing it, thats a bit extortionate. Mclarens offence was a lot worse than that. I would take back the constructors points for this race, or, preferably, swap the ferraris around.



    Team orders and the infamous spy story, it’s just like comparing a slap with a murder.

    Ferrari must be given a penalty, ok, but don’t even try to compare those facts.



    “More appropraite would be to strip them of ALL their constructors points – like he did Mclaren.”

    By swapping their own cars around, how did Ferrari steal or spy in any way on Mclaren or the other teams?




    I fell out of love with F1 today – cheat and you get a $100,000 fine which no doubt Santander will pay for the (cheap) publicity. Hopefully the FIA will take this up now as whether we agree with the rule or not it is a rule ! Throw them out ! If I had any money at Santander I would with draw it and give it to another bank !!!!!!! RAGE



    I would post a comment, but my thoughts are way too long so I blogged it. I also graphed the laptimes and it’s certainly not obvious that Alonso was faster than Massa!


    Needless to say, I’m annoyed and confused by what happened and I hope the FIA finally do something to stamp out of the sport what happened today…


    Dan Thorn

    Massive overreaction by everyone in my opinion, especially when people are dusting off the ‘Ferrari International Assistance’ nonsense after they come off the back of two races where they were on the recieving end of some naff stewarding.

    It’s not the first time we’ve seen blatant team orders since the ban and it probably wont be the last. Yes it could have been done in a much more discreet way and yes I’d have loved to see a Massa victory but at the end of the day the drivers are employed by the team and if they want them to finish in a certain order then they’re perfectly entitled to do that in my opinion. The banning of team orders has always been a stupid rule that’s effectively impossible to police.

    Ok it’s a bit close to manipulating the result, but if the FIA take action and exclude them then that’s even more of a problem for two reasons:

    1) DQ’ing them would make Vettel the winner with McLaren’s on the podium, despite Ferrari having a faster car and both their drivers driving extremely well. Would that not be unfairly manipulating the result on an even larger scale?

    2) It would very unfair for them to single out this team order as an illegal instance and not to do the same for all other ‘coded’ team orders that have happened over the years.

    By all means fine them for bringing the sport into disrepute, they totally deserve it. Even as an Alonso fan I was horribly disappointed for him to win the race in such a way, because Massa drove out of his skin to (attempt to) win that race and it would have been a hugely popular victory. I’m also sure Alonso wouldn’t have wanted to win the race in such a way.

    I could ramble on for a while about this and although I’m a Ferrari fan, I’d like to make it clear I’d be taking the same stance were it to happen with any other team.



    I honestly can’t say that I was impressed with this Ferrari victory. The brass band at the podium made a right mess of the Italian national anthem. The band was honking



    I have to agree with Dan on this one. That said, the whole thign wasn’t fair so I won’t complain too much whatever the WMSC says. I do think it was wrong what they did but looking at the grand scheme we have seen it before. Ferrari were fools for the way they went about it. They can’t even fix the race right, maybe they shouldn’t have listen to Flavio when he visited! :P Sorry, just kidding.



    I used to root for Ferrari at the beginning of my liking to F1 in the 2000. But because the team order i didn’t see them as a real racing team. The team order makes ferrari looks ridiculous. This action maybe could damage the image of santander as the ferrari’s sponsor just like the crashgate did with renault back in the 2008.

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