Connecting My laptop to TV for F1

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    I have purchased a VGA cable with the RCA colours on the other end, i want to connect my laptop to TV using this, i understand that i need to plug in VGA to laptop, then RCA to Tv, but the RCA colours on my lead are RED GREEN BLUE and on TV are WHITE YELLOW RED PLZZ help, then what is the next step. i know its a bit off topic, but ultimately its so i can watch f1, please help!



    If you’ve got a modern laptop, it should have an HDMI out connection. And if you have an HDTV, it will have an HDMI in connection. So all you need is an HDMI cable between the two. Thats how I did it at the weekend.

    But seeing as you have a cable with RGB connectors, and you’re saying that the TV has RYW connectors, I’m guessing that they are not compatible?

    I know that the Red/Yellow/White inputs are effectively a more messy version of the SCART cable, but the Red/Green/Blue cales are a componant version of… like, somewhere between SD and HD. My Nintendo Wii is connected to my TV via the Red/Green/Blue cables, because it is slightly higher quality than the Red/Yellow/White SCART connections.




    VGA only deals with graphics- not sound. Analogue graphics, such as VGA, are made up of a red, green and a blue components, hence the term Component Video. VGA only exists because it’s easier to deal with a single cable than 3 cables.

    The yellow connection on your TV is called Composite Video because the entire video signal is carried over a single cable- not split up into red, blue and green. The red and white connections are for stereo sound- left and right, respectively.

    The problem you have is that the two are incompatible and you’ll need to buy converters and adaptors to make them work together. But you may not have to do that. Post back and and tell me what connectors you have on your laptop and TV and I’ll get you up and running.

    Specifically, does your laptop and TV have HDMI? Does your TV have blue and green connectors, or a SCART socket? Does your laptop have an S-Video connection (one of these- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:S-Video_7-pin_quasi-DIN_connector.JPG)?

    Note: RCA essentially refers to the shape of the connector and nature of the cable- not the format of the data transmitted through it- that’s what the colours mean.

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