Red Bull, Vettel and Ricciardo conspiracy theories

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    Andre Furtado

    Last 4 years was all about how Vettel had better equipment than Webber. Now that Vettel’s luck is down. I will start this by asking, why is that Ric is getting different equipment (fuel flow)?

    why is Vettel the only one being hit by problems?

    Vettel’s car in the race is always being passed by Ric at much ease, so why is he so much slower on the straights?

    Is this a case of Red Bull finally backing up a Australian, and they need to make sure that he stays in front of Vettel because Vettel is probably about ready to jump boat to Ferrari?


    Keith Collantine

    @f1andy83 To answer your questions in order: “he isn’t”, “he isn’t”, “he isn’t” and “no”.

    The idea that Red Bull would intentionally scupper either of their drivers is as ridiculous now as it was last year.

    And in the case of Webber and Vettel it wasn’t even true that either driver had substantially more technical problems than the other, as has already been shown at length in another thread here:


    These ‘conspiracy theories’ are the domain of people who use their imaginations to fill in the gaps which exist because they didn’t bother to acquaint themselves with the facts.



    Not sure if serious… both cars are similarly paced in each race’s speed trap so far, and you seem to forget Ricciardo’s wing failure in Sepang.

    This argument crops up all the time and it’s based on pure hyperbole. No-one is satisfied with coincidence or sheer poor luck; it HAS to be conspiracy, there HAS to be a motive or someone responsible. Ridiculous…


    Andre Furtado

    And yet, Red Bull told Vettel he was in a different strategy than Ric?



    Because he was. I think we’ll struggle to change the mind of somebody who thinks Red Bull and Ricciardo are the same nationality.



    Vettel isn’t doing as good a job with this year’s Pirelli’s. In P2 in China during the long run Vettel’s tires gave out at 10 laps, Dan kept going for 17 with no drop off. That was probably the reasoning of the plan for Vettel to 3 stop versus 2 for Dan. I saw Keith’s charts but look forward to seeing the actual lap times from the race as Vettel slowed dramatically in the 2nd part of the GP.

    Vettel will figure it out; he didn’t become a 4xWDC by accident or solely by the grace of Mr. Newey.

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