COTA layout different to preview maps

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    I spotted quite a few differences between the actual COTA layout and the maps that were published before the track was finished.

    Compare this picture with either the Google Maps view on the track or the Lotus recon laps.


    The beginning of the Esses, namely T3 and T4 are less tight, while T8 and T9 are a lot tighter. Also, the two left kinks between T14 and T15 are less tight, and finally, the last two apexes of the T16-18 sequence are less edgy, more streamlined in reality compared to the preliminary maps.

    Sorry if this has been brought up before.

    I like the less tight T3, T4, and particularly the kinks between T14 and T15. The latter allows for quite an unusual line between the two hairpins, noted by Ant at the SkyPad as well last weekend. I think the T16-18 modification is less important and generally neutral. On the other hand, I really dislike the way the Esses tightens towards its exit. I liked the preview configuration better – quick in, slower in the middle and quick out. Now its even quicker in, slower in the middle and even more slower out. I think it breaks the rhythm of this otherwise glorious track.



    Yes, it had been brought up before in the ‘COTA construction update’ thread.

    I think their reason for doing it is to save cost on run-off, but that’s just speculation on my part.



    Oh. I read it and I haven’t seen such remarks.

    Anyway, I don’t think the reason was cost-related. I didn’t spot it at first, but T2 was also modified compared to the above initial plan – and it was made quicker as well, i. e. it has a larger radius, meaning there is a comparatively larger run-off on the outside of the turn.

    Also, the F1 2012 sports the updated and real layout as I see. But it comes with the old outdated planned layout in several other games, including rFactor and GP4.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Several changes have been made:

    – Turn 2 is now less angular and more of a sweeper.
    – Turns 3 and 4 have been opened up to become a quick chicane.
    – Turns 8 and 9 have been tightened up to make the whole sequence a little trickier for the drivers.
    – Turn 11 is still a hairpin, but is less sharp (though this might just be an illusion caused by the wide approach).
    – Turns 18 and 19 appear to have been tightened a little, mostly to make the Istanbul replica a little harder.



    Ah, thanks, I expected you to show up sooner or later. I read the contstruction topic and saw that you are very much into the making of this track.

    Thanks for the clarifications and reiterations. I did not spot a change to T11, but it could be less tight than originally planned. I also did not spot a change to T19, but I’ll take another look. Are you sure, you don’t mean the last two apexes of the T16-T18 complex?

    And finally, what do you think about the eased kinks between T14 and T15? I think those are the most interesting changes, somewhat increasing the flow of the otherwise bit cagey last sector.

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