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    Every now and again you or someone else posts a great contender for COTD. In fact, people reply ‘COTD!’ afterwards as a vote of their approval. However, there can only be one COTD and these other contenders are pipped to the post by a astute observation, a superhuman statistic, or a controversial point of view.

    Well this thread to to preserve those classic comments in one place. If you’ve made or remember seeing a comment you thought was a COTD contender, add it to the thread :)

    I’ll start with two of my own, but I’m sure there are better ones!



    Context: after the infamous incident of Vettel and Webber colliding at Turkey. Webber was on a charge and had won the last two races at Spain and Monaco.. he seemed to be on another level at the time.

    Hare July 12, 2010 at 8:14 am

    Webbers a tenacious, pumped up, charging, snorting, angry untethered beast of a driver on an adrenalin rush from hell. With more grunt than his considerable skill can handle at times.

    He is in fact, morphing every race more and more in to the iconic beast that is depicted on his gradually more distant employers products.

    Its ironically poetic.



    And finally :

    Context : Michael Schumacher simultaneously gave Rubens Barichello a near wall, and near death experience in the eyes of many. Schumacher infamously, and characteristically thought he had given Rubens just enough space to perform his manoeuvre without crashing at the Hungarian Grand Prix. It later emerged that Schumacher rightly texted Rubens to apologise, and here’s my vision of how the following face to face would have gone..

    Hare August 27, 2010 at 2:46 pm

    That conversation would be interesting:

    ms: Aah, hi Rubens, I wanted to say sorry

    rb: for what?

    ms: *looks at feet* for the other day?

    rb: what happened the other day?

    ms: you dont remember?

    rb: I dont know, Im pretty popular these days, I beat the stig on top gear

    ms: I am the Stig on Top Gear.

    rb: er, yup. You were saying?

    ms: Oh yeah, sorry for you know, nearly killing you

    rb: when?

    ms: Gezz Rubens!! Im trying to apologise here, and youre killing me!!

    rb: nice choice of words.

    ms: *choke*

    rb: come back when youve learnt humility. *leaves*

    ms: humidity? What? *confused face* *crushed*

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