Could F1 cars have ground effect and 2008 wings, and still overtake?

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    I don’t know if everyone has the same opinion as me on the current regulations, but in my opinion the F1 cars of the past 2 years look stupid. To borrow something that I learned from Product Design, their just not aesthetically pleasing.

    Go back to 2007/08, The nose’s were mostly narrow and low, with nicely curved front wings. The rear wings were low and wide, like a proper race car. And to top it all off, the amount of horns, ears and other human body parts on the car made them . I do agree with most that the McLaren, Honda and BMW’s ‘horns'(McLarens especially) did look rather silly, but to me the res of the F1 cars looked brilliant. Take the horns out and you’ve got great looking cars. The amount of (sorry for the basic term) aero bits on the car increased every year, giving you a visible representation of where the teams had found that new areas in the aero had worked.

    Flash back to today and we have almost the opposite, with high, wide nose’s on almost every car. Flat, over developed front wings are also here today. Small, narrow wear wings, long wheelbases and bodywork that has no way of us knowing if a teams car has been improved or not. It doesn’t seem right.

    So I ask the question, could F1 2007/08 wings be put on the cars in 2013, when ground effect returns to F1, giving downforce without making the turbulent wake. Would the ‘old wings’ interfere too much, would it level out or could we get cars that can overtake that have the old wings more easily than before?


    Prisoner Monkeys

    No. The wings are the primary cause of the wake. Ground effects would reduce th wake slightly, but it won’t work.

    The 2007/8 cars were ugly, anyway. Why would anyone want to go back to that?



    I don’t see why everyone prefers the 2005-8 style cars…

    I much prefer the 2009-10 style.

    Aesthetically tho F1 has had two classic periods;

    late 80’s – early 90s

    mid 60s



    On balance, these cars look better (with less winglets), but there’s one stickling point for me: those rear wings look painfully narrow. If they could expand those back to 2008 width, I’d be very happy.


    Dan Thorn

    Agreed, 2005-2008 were horrible. I’ve always had a soft spot for the styling of the cars between 98-04, and if the modern cars had a slightly wider rear wing they’d be perfect, although I really don’t have a problem with the looks as they are.



    I like the cars of the 2000s, especially the F2008 with that wonderful nosecone. Either way I didn’t like the winglets near the rear wing but I liked the ones in front of the driver – that made the cockpit look like an arrow. I would like the 2008 front and rear wings, the 09/10 bodywork behind the driver and the 08 bodywork in front of the driver. In another way, I like the 2008 cars in the front half, the 2010 cars in the rear half.

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