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    David Coulthard is staying on as a consultant to Red Bull. Does anyone think that this makes the decision to bump him up to the commentary box a bit questionable? I mean could bias come into the equation?


    Nic Morley

    To be honest I think people are a tad overreacting about the possible Coulthard-Red Bull Biased stuff. People were complaining that in interviews Coulthard would always pick RBR as the winner, fastest or something along those lines. But really last season it proberly was hard to bet against Red Bull.

    But who knows we will only find out through the season if Coulthard will show and biased towards RBR in comentary this year. Personally I don’t think he will.


    Dan Thorn

    Any bias he has is hardly noticable anyway. Even if he does show bias during commentary, it will at least provide a perspective and point of debate for Brundle to bounce off of.


    Adrian J

    I don’t think he’ll show any more bias towards RBR in his new role than Brundle showed towards DC in the same role when DC was still racing and MB was his manager…



    Quite right Adrian, Brundle was never afraid of giving DC a verbal kicking when he messed up.

    As RoboCAT says, who can blame him for predicting Red Bull poles etc last year? I think his perspective has more to do with the fact he knows the people so well rather than because they’re putting a big wodge of cash in his pocket.



    Interesting – never knew Brundle was DC’s manager.

    I think even if DC wasnt employed, he would be in favour of Red Bull. You will always have a slight bias as you drove for that team and you still deep down want them to do well, knowing that you set them on their way.

    Just look at Jamie Redknapp on Sky Sports :)



    I think it might be a good idea tbh. It might provide and insight into the red bull team that the team principles might not be so keen to share. Although im sure hed had alot of privacy contracts etc

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