Croft to become lead commentator. Brundle resumes previous role.

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    mbrundlef1- ‘@CroftyF1 is lead comm Sky Sports F1 next year, I’m expert comm as I’ve done for 14 of 15 years plus more in-vision presenting’

    it’s a shame because i like hearing more of brundle. Crofty is good no doubt but I hope to hear lots more from brundle than during 2009-10 when legard dominated proceedings.

    any opinons?



    @sato113 – Yeah these are kind of my thoughts as well.

    I’ve enjoyed Brundle being lead commentator on BBC, I for one didn’t usually select the 5Live comm’s when watching the race. But when I’ve listened to the practice sessions Crofty is a really good commentator, if a little dominating. Maybe he’ll reign it in a bit when he’s with Brundle?



    To me, this is how it should be. I wasn’t too keen on Brundle doing the lead for BBC.

    Only down side is that now we don’t have the “Look but don’t stare!” as the lights go out :(


    Keith Collantine

    I don’t think this thread adds anything significant that wasn’t covered previously:

    Brundle joined by Croft and Davidson at Sky

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