Current driver lineups and nostalgia

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    So earlier on I posted this comment on the latest article of who has the strongest lineup:

    While not exactly on the topic of debating what’s the best lineup, I find Button – Perez remarkably reminiscent of Coulthard – Raikkonen. Button being the experienced old head who can be relied on for trustworthy points – whilst Perez is the young hotshot coming in to fill the breach left by a former McLaren ace – both McLaren WDCs, no less (Hakkinen and Hamilton). Perez and Raikkonen both, funnily enough, are graduates of the Sauber Institute of Fine Young Talent. With Button being the most experienced F1 driver on the grid in 2013 (FACT) – I have a feeling that McLaren see him as the old master close to retirement, teaching winning ways to the young padawan in Perez who will be their new future star.

    I’m wondering – what other lineups do you find similar to those used in the past?



    This might be a bit far-fetched, but I think the current Ferrari line-up has something in common with their 1999 line-up. In both cases, they have lead driver, who has twice almost won the title with inferior Ferrari, and who has already won 2 titles in a row with Benetton/Renault. Both are starting their 4th season with Ferrari, and they have team-mate, who hasn’t won a single race during their time as team-mates. 1999 was Eddie Irvine’s last season with Ferrari, and many suspect that Massa will be replaced after this season.

    With this logic, Alonso will get injured in Silverstone, they replace him with Kovalainen and Massa will fight for the title till the end of the season :)


    Keith Collantine


    I’d say that the current Red Bull lineup is pretty much early-2000’s Ferrari 2.0

    I can’t think of any others atm but I’m sure that I could.



    Sauber’s current lineup is somewhat similar to their 2001 lineup (Heidfeld & Räikkönen). A bit more experienced German and a complete rookie, both new to the team.

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