Danny Bahar Philosphy

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    Classic line from Danny Bahar when showing his philosophical colours. In reference the relationship between Lotus Group and 1Malaysia, he says the following :

    “When I arrived with a new management team, we had our own ideas and plans and that’s nobody’s fault, not the shareholders’ and not Mr Fernandes’ fault,” he says.

    “We have a crystal clear vision of where we want to go in future.”

    Even so, the link-up could have survived, says Mr Bahar.

    “I think with any business relationship, you start on good terms and if it turns out to be beneficial for both parties, you continue.

    <b>”If not, you just stop – it’s like in a marriage.”</b>

    A philosophical insight in to the mind and heart of Danny Bahar there, if you’re not getting on with your wife, ditch her. So much for ’til death do us part’, and ‘for better or for worse’. Kick the old girl out.

    I love the brand, but this guys starting to sound like an another LDM.



    Typical of today’s business mentality, only the heartless survive



    I personally cannot stand the guy, but hopefully he pulls off the plan for Lotus cars, it will be sensational for the brand – look at Lambo after they got investment – bit time players to top of the pile, that’s where Lotus deserve to be!!


    Adrian J

    @calum – while I’d like to see Lotus Cars do well, I don’t like that they’re essentially moving away from the philosophy that has always been there of a simple car that handles well.

    Sure, build the Esprit, Europa et al, but why move the Elise away from what it is now??



    Colin Chapman is the greatest innovator in Formula 1 History . Lotus was the first team in Formula 1 to achieve 50 Grand Prix victories . Ferrari the second team to do so , won their first race seven years before the first Lotus F1 car was built . His ideas were revolutionary for the his time .

    Danny Bahar or Tony Fernandes or even Clive Chapman himself , have no right to claim his legacy .

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