de la Rosa to HRT?

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    According to this HRT are apparently looking for “a driver of high quality to partner Bruno Senna” and after Moneybags yamamoto’s antics at Monza I can’t say I blame them. I’m not sure de la Rosa will take the seat to be honest, but if he will be the 5th man to try out the hapless HRT this season. And I’d be gutted for Chandhok…



    Nah, they’ve already got Klien, theres no proof that De la Rosa is at all better than him.



    It would be good for HRT to have someone with dlR’s experience. I obviously don’t know fuel loads but when Klien was trying out the car in practice he was around half a second quicker than Bruno and I think that’s mostly down to experience.

    “after Moneybags yamamoto’s antics at Monza I can’t say I blame them”

    I’m not sure what Yamamoto was emant to have done at Monza? Obviously he didn’t set the world at light but if you’re referring to the awful pitlane incident I think he was told to leave so it wasn’t his fault. As bad as those incidents are they are understandable when drivers and mechanics are under a lot of stress to nail their stop.



    Ok ok, I agree that I was maybe a bit hard on the guy…but we all know that Sakon has got to go.

    I still think Klein or Chandhok should be next in line to get the race seat, unless PDLR is going to bring a load of cash with him.



    I’m just in a bit of a debating mood GeeMac so ignore me :P I’m not really a fan of Sakon but he wants the drive and he brings money and I’d do the same so I can’t really say I want him out of the seat but I’ll be diplomatic and say I’d prefer Chandhok :P

    I’d like Chandhok to get a go but I Pedro could be very useful with his testing experience so I’d rather he got the seat for the short term and hopefully it might help the team survive so at least Bruno can go race.



    It Depends on how much DLR wants another race seat and if he is willing to out pay what ever Sakon has paid

    with his unreliability at sauber will he want to go to a team trundling at the back?

    the Pirelli test might be a better option if he wants to remain in F1 now that is.

    more likely Klien could get HRTs seat if there looking to change



    Might make them more attractive to Spanish sponsors…



    Good point AT but we don’t know the future of HRT yet so it’s hard to make a call this early.



    So HRT now looking for a experience driver, good to hear that they aren’t running after money anymore.



    I’ve stopped listening to rumours like this after hearing that Jacques Villeneuve is trying to ‘make his F1 return’ for the last 4 years.



    I don’t think Villeneuve will ever return! It’s just a pipe dream. HRT would do well to sign Pedro for his experience but I’m not sure they’ll have the money to pay him…



    This all makes sense what with Pedro De La Rosa’s massive Burger King backing :P

    And common Sakon’s glowing junior formula career including 16 points scored outside of Japan and 2 wins out of 145 career races (both at national level one in GT cars and one in Formula 3), surely lines him up for a permenant seat >.> No journeyman yamamoto will hopefully take his money to touring cars or maybe indy cars and hopefully someone worthwhile will get the seat.

    NB One of Journeyman Yamamoto’s wins was in SuperGT which is basically Japanese Touring Cars, except they have some extreme handicap system so its not like a normal junior formula win. His other is a National Formula 3 win which is a blight on an otherwise perfectly abysmal career.

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