Describe each driver in one word

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    While reading Rib khalifa’s post about describing F1 in one word a post from 2007 on F1Fanatic sprung to mind, except it was describing each driver individually. It’s quite funny to see how things have changed, or haven’t, here’s a few I found quite interesting:

    “Mark Webber Unlucky”

    “Robert Kubica Fortunate”

    “Robert Kubica Crashmeister”

    “Lewis Hamilton Impatient”

    “Felipe Massa Nearly Man” (Can’t get much closer than one corner)

    “Felipe Massa teamplayer”

    “Sebastian Vettel Fast”

    “Sebastian Vettel rainmaster” (Is this guy psychic?)

    Debate: Describe each driver in one word

    So I’d like to see, almost 4 years on, how our opinions have changed;

    Sebastian Vettel – Lucky

    Mark Webber – Starts

    Lewis Hamilton – Frustrated

    Jenson Button – Relaxed

    Fernando Alonso – Quick

    Felipe Massa – Lost

    Michael Schumacher – Revitalised

    Nico Rosberg – Disappointed

    Nick Heidfeld – Court

    Bruno Senna – Impressive

    Vitaly Petrov – Declining

    Rubens Barrichello – Consistent

    Pastor Maldonado – Inconsistent

    Adrian Sutil – Ageing

    Paul di Resta – Fresh

    Kamui Kobayashi – Lackluster

    Sergio Perez – Promising

    Sebastian Buemi – Worsening

    Jaime Alguersuari – Improving

    Heikki Kovalainen – Talent

    Jarno Trulli – Steering

    Narain Karthikeyan – Nationality

    Daniel Ricciardo – Future

    Viantonio Liuzzi – Steady

    Timo Glock – Wasted

    Jerome d’Ambrosio – Invisible



    Sebastian Vettel – Underrated*

    Mark Webber – Unlucky

    Lewis Hamilton – Irritating**

    Jenson Button – Impressive

    Fernando Alonso – Outperforming

    Michael Schumacher – Wiley

    Nico Rosberg – See Mark Webber

    Nick Heidfeld – Sacked

    Paul di Resta – Future

    Kamui Kobayashi – Disapointing

    Jaime Alguersuari – Improving

    Heikki Kovalainen – Determined

    Daniel Ricciardo – Practicing

    Timo Glock – Wasted

    Jerome d’Ambrosio – Who?

    * Considering his acheivements irrespective of machinery, he deserves more credit than he gets from fans, although more people are begining to realise now, and no doubt when the inevitable is confirmed later this year (WC2010,WC2011) he should get the respect.

    ** Still a huge fan but Lewis is irritating this year, almost byt not quite, shown glimmers in Spain, China and Germany but it just hasn’t clicked – whether his mind set os all wrong because of the slower car or whatever? That’s for another time anyway.



    Sebastian Vettel – Clinical

    Mark Webber – Floundering

    Lewis Hamilton – Overdriving

    Jenson Button – Cool

    Fernando Alonso – Entitled

    Felipe Massa – Submissive

    Michael Schumacher – Can “Go Away” be one word?

    Nico Rosberg – Almost

    Nick Heidfeld – Yawn

    Bruno Senna – Promising

    Vitaly Petrov – Wishy-washy

    Rubens Barrichello – Perennial

    Pastor Maldonado – Faulty

    Adrian Sutil – Mild

    Paul di Resta – Eager

    Kamui Kobayashi – Gutsy

    Sergio Perez – Pleasant

    Sebastian Buemi – Meh

    Jaime Alguersuari – Possibilities

    Heikki Kovalainen – Positive

    Jarno Trulli – Excuses

    Narain Karthikeyan – Rich

    Daniel Ricciardo – Unproven

    Viantonio Liuzzi – Useless

    Timo Glock – Coulda-Woulda-Shoulda

    Jerome d’Ambrosio – Belgian


    Joey’s post is pretty much exactly how I view each of the drivers.


    Nic Morley

    Sebastian Vettel – Finger

    Mark Webber – Tough

    Lewis Hamilton – Annoying

    Jenson Button – Cool

    Fernando Alonso – Great

    Felipe Massa – Lost

    Michael Schumacher – Dirty

    Nico Rosberg – Unlucky

    Nick Heidfeld – Average

    Bruno Senna – Promising

    Vitaly Petrov – Russian

    Rubens Barrichello – Wingy

    Pastor Maldonado – Agro

    Adrian Sutil – Boring

    Paul di Resta – Star

    Kamui Kobayashi – Overtaking

    Sergio Perez – Promising

    Sebastian Buemi – Yawn

    Jaime Alguersuari – Meh

    Heikki Kovalainen – Good

    Jarno Trulli – Complain

    Narain Karthikeyan – Rich

    Daniel Ricciardo – Promising

    Viantonio Liuzzi – Last

    Timo Glock – Good

    Jerome d’Ambrosio – Decent



    Sebastian Vettel – Dominant

    Mark Webber – Slow

    Lewis Hamilton – Crashmeister

    Jenson Button – Precise

    Fernando Alonso – Santander

    Felipe Massa – Spring

    Michael Schumacher – Back

    Nico Rosberg – Unlucky

    Nick Heidfeld – Out

    Bruno Senna – Surprise

    Vitaly Petrov – Meh

    Rubens Barrichello – Zombie

    Pastor Maldonado – Hothead

    Adrian Sutil – Useless

    Paul di Resta – Rookie

    Kamui Kobayashi – Kamikaze

    Sergio Perez – Tyres

    Sebastian Buemi – Disappointing

    Jaime Alguersuari – Qualifying

    Heikki Kovalainen – Awesome

    Jarno Trulli – Whine

    Narain Karthikeyan – Money

    Daniel Ricciardo – Pronunciation

    Viantonio Liuzzi – T1

    Timo Glock – Heikki-esque

    Jerome d’Ambrosio – Nowhere



    Vettel – Phenomenal

    Webber – Beaten

    Button – Wise

    Hamilton – Stagnant

    Alonso – Complete

    Massa – Poor

    Schumacher – Legend

    Rosberg – Talented

    Heidfeld – Winless

    Petrov – Improved

    Barrichello – Go Away/Old Cargo/Whiner

    Maldonado – Mal (Spanish for bad)

    Sutil – Average

    Di Resta – Likeable

    Kobayashi – Exciting

    Perez – Promising

    Buemi – Reasonable

    Alguersuari – Okay

    Kovalainen – Fisichella

    Trulli – Train

    Glock – Good

    D’Ambrosio/Di Grassi – Identical

    Ricciardo – Untested

    Liuzzi – Terrible



    Vettel – Unbeatable

    Webber – Determined

    Button – Calm

    Hamilton – Fiery

    Alonso – Complete

    Massa – Close

    Schumacher – Old

    Rosberg – Untapped

    Petrov – Flying

    Barrichello – Passionless

    Maldonado – braces

    Sutil – bleurgh

    Di Resta – Coulthard

    Kobayashi – Crazy

    Perez – Promising

    Buemi – ?

    Alguersuari – “God”

    Kovalainen – ?

    Trulli – Chicane

    Glock – OK

    D’Ambrosio – meh

    Ricciardo – Untested

    Liuzzi – go


    Felipe Bomeny

    Vettel: Champion

    Webber: Aussie

    Alonso: Fast

    Massa: Improving

    Hamilton: Frustrated

    Button: Smooth

    Rosberg: Determined

    Schumacher: Fun

    Petrov: Russian

    Senna: Nephew

    Kobayashi: Banzai

    Perez: Quick

    Sutil: Medion

    di Resta: Surprising

    Buemi: Mediocre

    Alguersuari: Strategist

    Barrichello: Old

    Maldonado: Unpolished

    Kovalainen: Redeemed

    Trulli: Meh.

    Ricciardo: Good

    Liuzzi: Artistic

    Glock: Bored

    d’Ambrsio: Slow



    I somehow only half read the title and thought we were describing other fanatics in one word :S I think I should go back to bed after this…

    Vettel: complete

    Webber: lacklustre

    Alonso: best

    Massa: Improving (I think that’s the best one yet for him PortuGoose)

    Hamilton: over-promising

    Button: there. (I was tempted to say “binman” as he keeps clearing up Ham’s mess for Mclaren by bringing in solid points)

    Rosberg: contender

    Schumacher: back.

    Petrov: quiet.

    Senna: mature

    Kobayashi: slow

    Perez: smooth

    Sutil: failing

    di Resta: delivering

    Buemi: average

    Alguersuari: hype

    Barrichello: done

    Maldonado: tempestuous

    Kovalainen: reborn

    Trulli: stronger

    Ricciardo: talented

    Liuzzi: bowling (sorry couldn’t help it after Monza)

    Glock: gloomy

    d’Ambrsio: sometimes. It’s difficult to know with Jerome because sometimes like earlier in the year he was outqualifying Timo but now he seems more out of his depth.



    Vettel: Race pace

    Webber: lacklustre

    Alonso: average

    Massa: Not the same

    Hamilton: Best

    Button: tyres

    Rosberg: contender

    Schumacher: returned

    Petrov: nothing

    Senna: quick

    Kobayashi: crazy

    Perez: smooth

    Sutil: failing

    di Resta: delivering

    Buemi: average

    Alguersuari: hype

    Barrichello: goodbye

    Maldonado: hated

    Kovalainen: dull

    Trulli: stronger

    Ricciardo: quick

    Liuzzi: italian

    Glock: unfortunate

    d’Ambrsio: rubbish



    Sebastian Vettel – Win

    Mark Webber – Reverse

    Lewis Hamilton – Torn

    Jenson Button – Patient

    Fernando Alonso – Eyebrows

    Felipe Massa – Smedley

    Michael Schumacher – Cheat

    Nico Rosberg – Consistent

    Nick Heidfeld – Beard

    Bruno Senna – Brake!!!

    Vitaly Petrov – Who?

    Rubens Barrichello – Grin

    Pastor Maldonado – Blow

    Adrian Sutil – who?

    Paul di Resta – late

    Kamui Kobayashi – BANZAI!

    Sergio Perez – who?

    Sebastian Buemi – who?

    Jaime Alguersuari – who?

    Heikki Kovalainen – undervalued

    Jarno Trulli – booooorrrrrring

    Daniel Ricciardo – Who?

    Viantonio Liuzzi – Who?

    Timo Glock – Who?

    Jerome d’Ambrosio – Who?

    Narain Karthikeyan – WHO?!



    Vettel: Fast

    Webber: Inferior

    Alonso: Best

    Massa: Unlucky

    Hamilton: Quick

    Button: Beard

    Rosberg: Star

    Schumacher: Legend

    Petrov: OK

    Senna: Money

    Kobayashi: Exicting

    Perez: Smooth

    Sutil: Inconsistent

    Di Resta: Promise

    Buemi: Decent

    Alguersuari: Reasonable

    Barrichello: Experienced

    Maldonado: Alright

    Kovalainen: Performing

    Trulli: Qualimaster

    Ricciardo: Steady

    Liuzzi: Average

    Glock: Bored

    D’Ambrsio: Invisible



    Sebastian Vettel: Demoralising

    Mark Webber: Wasted (I don’t mean it in that way! I mean, he was in poor machinery in his prime)

    Lewis Hamilton: Dejected (at the moment)

    Jenson Button: Intelligent

    Fernando Alonso: Formidable

    Felipe Massa: Adorable (had to go for something positive! :P)

    Michael Schumacher: Brutal

    Nico Rosberg: Unlucky (please don’t be the next Webber)

    Nick Heidfeld: Wanking

    Bruno Senna: Promising

    Vitaly Petrov: Sporadic

    Rubens Barrichello: Experienced

    Pastor Maldonado: Unproven

    Adrian Sutil: Maturing

    Paul di Resta: Hyped (I still believe in him though)

    Kamui Kobayashi: Insane

    Sergio Perez: Talent

    Sebastian Buemi: Mediocre

    Jaime Alguersuari: Mediocre (Toro Rosso is mediocre)

    Heikki Kovalainen: Average

    Jarno Trulli: Clinging

    Narain Karthikeyan: Nowhere

    Daniel Ricciardo: Hopeful

    Viantonio Liuzzi: Mediocre

    Timo Glock: Wasting (becoming the next Webber)

    Jerome d’Ambrosio: Scarce



    Vettel – Unbeatable

    Webber – Questionable

    Hamilton – Fiery

    Button – Bracing (Couldn’t resist)

    Alonso – Cocky

    Massa – Past

    Schumacher – Shadow

    Rosberg – Britney

    Heidfeld – Wasted

    Senna – Reminder

    Petrov – Disapointing

    Barrichello – Old-Timer

    Maldonado – Idiot

    Sutil – Fading

    Di Resta – Rated

    Kobayashi – Kamikaze

    Perez – Talented

    Buemi – Bland

    Alguesari – Party

    Kovalainen – Quiet

    Trulli – Moaning

    Karthikeyan – Pointless

    Liuzzi – Strike

    Ricciardo – Promising

    Glock – Fallen

    D’Ambrosio – Scenery

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