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    Ned Flanders

    Me and a few of my fellow fanatics have been playing a game lately called Nation States, where you design your own country, with your own flag, currency and so on. Now it’s good fun, and it’s a great idea for a game, but the amount of stuff you can do with your country is pretty limited, and you can’t interact with the other countries at all. But, it occured to me that the idea of the game might work well on this very forum, with more of an F1 theme.

    So, for my fellow geography loving F1 fans, I thought I’d create this thread. The idea is that we choose a Formula 1 team, driver, circuit etc and base a fictional country around it. We can come up with capital cities, religions, currencies, national flags, political parties, natural features, GDP, and so on, all related to the subject we’ve chosen.

    So, for example, if I was to choose Ferrari, the country might be called Scuderiland, a tyrannical regime led by the evil Colonel Montezemelo from his lair atop Mt Modena, the capital could be Todtown, the longest river might be the Schumi, the health service might be crippled from excessive use of Marlboro cigarettes… whatever you can think of, just try and be imaginative. And then, when we have a few different F1 nations, we can pit them against each other in an all out GP war, and stuff like that



    The country of Lifeonia: a 3rd world country with only a few square miles of land that’s mostly muddy marsh anyway. Notorious for claiming independence, rising and falling within a year.



    BAGS MCLAREN. Y’all know it wouldn’t be right if it weren’t me.

    Righteo, then, come meet the lovley Macca’s in their great nation of Wo-King.

    Had to get my lot in first, now Imma right the hell out of this. Instead of revising, ah sensible life decisions.

    EDIT: RIght I’ll do it after glee. Only just got back into the show, am giggling like a 13yrold woooo girl/my sister. My f1 obssessed sister funnily enough, thats a different story. OOh thread idea!



    Great idea!

    In the nation of Parka Alberta, the country is frequently in danger of being removed from the world stage as politicians in the capital city Laketown propose ceasing all funding, despite the masses of revenue from tourism. Thankfully due to the skills of President Melanie “Mel” Bourne as well as her friendship with the Formula One Emperor, Bernie of Ecclestone, she has managed to prevent this for a while. Opponents have apparently been trying to field an alternative candidate, Adele Aide to take over but some dismiss this as a smokescreen to get rid of F1 from the region, as Adele Aide has not indicated any desire to take over.

    When not embroiled in these political rows the people love to relax in the many resorts of the country, including Brabham, Jones, Clark, Stewart and many others. Sport is highly encouraged.



    Excellent idea Ned!

    I’m taking the country of Minardistan!

    Formed in the late 1980’s, Minardistan has proved popular, despite it’s seeming lack of major features (not in a dissimilar way to Charleroi in Belgium increasing it’s tourism http://www.smh.com.au/travel/travel-news/drenary-one-day-depressing-the-next-20090330-9h11.html ).

    Once famous for it’s exporting Costa, later in it’s history it gained a reputation for processing raw material into rough form for further work in more developed countries. It has also other natural resources hidden deep inside it’s interior such as Fond Metal.

    Politically it’s history has been dominated by two main parties; Stoddart and Gian.Carlo. A host of smaller political parties have in the past formed a coalition with Bria-Tories being one of the more notable, along with the G.N.T. and Scuditarity Italia. In the past it has received backing and worked closely with exporters of goods from Scuderiland, although that country now has a monopoly on resources of Costa which once used to be the sole preserve of Minardistan.



    The infamous ‘Hispanican Republic of Terrifico’ is known for 2 famous abilities, that its flag always changes, because its design is “sold” to whomever has the most money to pay and make the flag they want. And secondly because its seemingly on the brink of financial ruin resulting in some noteable rivalries and arguments. The first of these arguments was with known drinks company ‘Dallarayia’, who together planned to make a Great Lake for the H.R.T people to have to drink from, but the contract was cancelled by the H.R.T Prime Minister, Colin Kolles, citing that the water was not ‘Wet enough’ for his people. Its simply known as ‘Drinksgate’ to the F1Nation community.

    The Hispanican Republic of Terrifico is known to change citizens often, exgecting them after they failed to pay the promised taxes. However the nation of H.R.T (which has been shrinking in size after selling its borders to pay for a new Livery to pain their fields in) is on the up, and promises to be beating its neighbours…. or protest about the sucess enjoyed by its rich rivals.


    Ned Flanders

    Country: Tororosso

    Population: 4 million

    Language: Publicocrap

    President: Sgt Sebastien Buemi

    Capital City: Faenza

    National Anthem: “Rainy day at Monza”

    GDP: Weak

    The Republic of Tororosso is an island situated just a few miles off the coast of its much larger neighbour, the Kingdom of Mateschitz, in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean. It has been involved in a long running independence struggle to free itself from the grip of the oppressive Mateschitzian government. This campaign led to the island declaring its independence in 2006, and subsequent international recognition.

    Mateschitz continues to claim ownership of the territory, and even launched an invasion of the island in 2009 in an attempt to install a pro Mateschitzian puppet government. In response, the esteemed international body FOTA sent out its international peace keeping force to protect it.

    Whilst the majority of the population is made up of independence supporting indigenous Tororossese, there is a sizeable ethnic Mateschitzian population in the north of the island which contributes to the national government. It was they who decided in 2009 to elect Sebastien Buemi as president, replacing independent candidate Sebastien Bourdais.

    Recent events have suggested the island is falling into the Abu Dhabi sphere of influence. Time will tell what the implications of this may be for the nation and its people



    Theres a tiny country where I live. I dont know what its called yet, but it has enough money to buy an F1 grand prix starting next year. Here it is, sensationally designed by Hermann Tilke http://imageshack.us/m/861/2701/tilketrack.png I was bored ok



    Isn’t that the new Bahrain layout for 2012?



    Country: Sauberia

    Population: 8 million

    Government: Constitutional Monarchy

    President: His Royal Majestic Highness Peter of Sauber III, Guardian of the Realm, High Commander of the Armed Forces and Protector of the Holy Staff of Saub.

    Capital City: Hinwil

    National Anthem: “If only they’d paint it black again”

    GDP: Growing

    HDI: Medium Human Development

    National Sport: Formula 1 (obviously)

    After gaining independent from the Republic of Silverian Arrows in 1994 after a long and fruitful partnership, the Republic of Sauberia quickly proved its self to be a willing member of the fellowship of nations. With its GDP and HDI figures far out performing all expectations under the guidance of Prime Ministers such as Lord Karlwend of Elinger and His Highness Frentzen, the Republic of Sauberia flourished.

    In the late 1990’s Sauberia formed an alliance with Scudarialand, which was initially meant to be rewarding for both parties, but resulted in nothing more than Sauberia becoming a proving ground for Scudarialand’s cabinet ministers.

    In 2006 everything changed however, after being invaded by the Bavarian Malitia Warriors, Sauberia was no more. His Royal Majestic Highness Peter of Sauber III was kept on as a symbol of the nation’s past, but in reality he was a powerless drone in Herr Theissen’s government. It wasn’t all doom and gloom however, with steady GDP growth, peaking in 2008, the Nation now know as Bavarian Malitia Warriors of Sauberia looked set for world domination. That was to change however when the financial crisis of 2009 hit. Bavarian Malitia Warriors of Sauberia bullishly said that they were insulated from the crisis and were well prepared for the sweeping legal reforms that were put in place as a result, but their confidence was misplaced. 2009 was an unmitigated disaster, and the Bavarian Malitia Warriors shamelessly withdrew from Sauberia, leaving the nation in tatters.

    In their time of need the people of Sauberia reinstated their ruler, His Royal Majestic Highness Peter of Sauber III, and the nation looks to be well on the way to rebuilding itself under the guidance of the new Lord Chancellor, Kobi Yashi.


    Ned Flanders

    If I was the king of Sauberia, I would change the national anthem to: “If only they’d paint it blue, turquoise and yellow again”.



    Sauberia has to be the best name yet!



    Country: Republic of Lolania

    Population: 97,107 (As at April 1997)

    Language: None

    President: Sir Ricardo Rosset

    Capital City: Huntingdon

    National Anthem: “Lola – The Kinks”

    GDP: Incredily weak – only take MasterCard

    The Republic of Lolania was originally formed in 1997, after the collapse Lolavia and Larrousia. The nation only lasted 2 months, and failed to gain access to the EU on both occasions it tried. Hence the short history of this little known state.



    Wait until someone does Red Bull, coup after coup!



    Name: Takagistan

    Location: a few kilometres from Japan’s coasts

    Ethnies: Japanese

    Language: Japanese

    Population: 19 people

    Government type: Anarchy

    This island was born as part of a project created in Japan: get normal people to drive F1 cars. Some times the organizators decide to collect a random Japanese and bring him to this “driving-school” island, without any of them having ever seen a racing car before. After a one-month apprenticeship on their own, a lot of money is given to them so that they can buy a drive in F1. These are all the drivers produced from this project:

      Hiroshi Fushida

      Masahiro Hasemi

      Naoki Hattori

      Kazuyoshi Hoshino

      Yuji Ide

      Taki Inoue

      Ukyo Katayama

      Masami Kuwashima

      Kazuki Nakajima

      Satoru Nakajima

      Shinji Nakano

      Hideki Noda

      Takuma Sato

      Aguri Suzuki

      Toshio Suzuki

      Toranosuke Takagi

      Noritake Takahara

      Kunimitsu Takahashi

      Sakon Yamamoto

    Kobayashi is missing as he was never selected to participate in this test and he worked his way to F1 through junior formulae.

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