Despicable spectaters of the British GP…

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    Boo’ed Vettel on the podium, how disrespectful. Very dissapointed in British fans. Success breeds jealousy and hatred I suppose.


    sbl on tour



    Keith Collantine

    Just re-watched the video, I can’t hear any booing.



    maybe he’s referring to what he heard live on the circuit. I was expecting Alonso to get some reaction, but from TV you can’t hear nothing neither boos nor cheers, so I would assume the mics weren’t working at full volume.



    I’m not surprised if some booed him near you, no one did near me but some booed Alonso and there was a massive cheer when Seb’s pitstop went wrong, but it’s what I expected really.

    Everyone near me were huge Jenson fans, but at least I didn’t cheer when his wheel came off! My Dad did have a wry smile on his face though which seemed to annoy a few people.

    There was a big boo for Seb when he came on stage at the after show party, but after a few mins of him chatting and joking and saying how lovely it was to have such amazing support no matter what nationality he is (little does he know there’s a lot of people who live in the past and still criticise me for supporting “The German”…) they were all cheering him on try and get him to play guitar and he had a massive cheer after all that.

    The only fans that seemed to boo him were the stereotypical chavvy McLaren fans, most seemed just peeved that Seb still had a good result and Jense didn’t finish.



    There wasn’t much booing where I was sat in the grandstand opposite the podium. I think the only time Vettel got a bad reaction from the fans was when it took the lead early on.



    British fan supporting the Britons! Unnaceptable, you’d never catch that sort of thig going on in Italy, Germnay or Spain. Oh…

    Anyway come off it, Brit fans are known for supporting their own but also being very appreciative of a great drive, or good driver, if they think he’s playing fair, especially if they spot an underdog. You get quotes from almost all the drivers and teams praising the british fans for being some of the most passionate and certainly knowlegable fans on the calender. I know he’s not racing at the mo, but imagine if Nico Hulkengburg won, or Vitaly Petrov, they’d go nuts.

    Some people are just far to keen to call bias and be critical.



    Partisan fans cheer misfortune for favourites’ rivals? Boo rivals’ success? Shock horror!

    Go back to the 1999 Italian Grand Prix when Mika spun out or the 2010 Spanish Grand Prix and Hamilton’s wheel failure. Shock horror, the fans celebrated. Who could blame them? If next year McLaren dominate and Hamilton is booed at Hockenheim, would that be a surprise? No

    We’d all like everyone to be as sporting as possible but that’s not going to happen. I find this holier-than-thou stuff nonsense. And let’s ignore all the horns blaring when Alonso won, eh?



    I don’t understand your post, Scribe: someone said Vettel was booed on the podium, other one that “there wasn’t much booing” [during the podium ceremony] and you’re praising their appreciative qualities? You say they are known for being appreciative of a great drive or good driver; well, maybe they should stop being known like that, no? if it’s true they were booing the World Champion and 80 points advantage who hasn’t cheated Championship Leader…

    Anyway, it’s always wrong to generalize, either to one way or the other…



    This might explain why there may have been booing when Vettel was being presented with his trophy. The trophy was being presented by Philip Hammond, the Transport Minister, the fans always respond like that to politicians.



    come on, you’re not serious right? People react to the guy getting the trophy, not the guy giving it

    (and it was Secretary of State, do British people recognize all their Secretarys of State? I’m impressed)



    Actually that does happen a lot, if it carried on after he gave the trophy then that’s not the reason though.

    And we are talking about a minority anyway. Not sure why this is being painted as a big issue.



    yeah, I agree, Itchyes. That will always happen, in any part of the world. There’s always less civilized people everywhere who keep grudges. In Spain they booed Anthony Hamilton when he appeared on the big screens. I don’t like the man, but it’s just wrong to do that.



    They were not booing Vettel. They were booing the MP for Transport who was handing the trophy over. You get the same reaction in other countries. MPs at trophy ceremony’s do not go down well with F1 fans.



    Well, none of the alleged boo’ing came across on the world feed, in fact I was quite surprised by the positive reaction Nando got on the podium, I was in fact cringing in anticipation of it and was massively pleased when it didn’t appear.

    Yeah, there is quite a history of the politicians being boo’ed as they hand out trophies, especially at the British GP and it is somewhat inevitable in these ‘times of austerity’.

    Way to go with the nit-picking LL, your tenacity should be an inspiration to us all!! :P

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