Despicable spectaters of the British GP…

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    Thank you, I’m flattered, ;)



    maybe you are right. Trust me, my first reaction to robk23 comment, was that that excuse was such an effrontery that he must be joking, as I’ve never heard about that



    I was there, Vettel was booed in jest.

    I am a British F1 fan and I really like Vettel but would prefer to see a Brit win at the British GP. I think you need to take things with a pinch of salt.

    It happens all across the world with different races, please don’t read too much into it.



    booed in jest now.. how does that even happen?

    [you’re all having a laugh with me, right? What’s next, come on, don’t stop now, please]

    one shouldn’t read much into it, it’s true. But, like in Spain, it’s a bit sad. I would fell embarassed to see that.

    but in the end of the day, it reminded me one video I watched on youtube, I can’t find seem to find it. A football match, a famous player is being harshly insulted by the fans, one of which is caught by the TV coverage, right after the “son of a b*tch” calling, takes his digital camera and takes a photo of him (as he is near the stand). I bet with Vettel is like that, the people that booed, if in front of him would be delighted to get an autograph or a smile from him. human nature maybe…



    I watched on TV and when the track announcer said that the Transport Minister was going to present a trophy I thought the crowd would boo and some would misinterpret it as booing for the driver, but I didnt hear any booing.

    I seem to remember at a previous Grand Prix, although I dont know which race, where there was some booing during the podium and Brundle explained it was for the politician presenting the trophy and not the driver.



    Australia 2010, there was a politician and a lot of booing.


    Trust me when I say the most consistently booed person on any Formula 1 podium is whoever the Premier of Victoria happens to be.


    Ned Flanders

    “booed in jest now.. how does that even happen?”

    I’ve been to many football games when a player comes back to his former club and, even though he is fondly remembered, as soon as he touches the ball everyone starts booing him, simply as a bit of fun. That doesn’t relate to F1 all that much, but it shows that it can happen. Vettel, given that he is German, was always going to be something of a pantomime villain, though I doubt many Brits genuinely hate him.

    Also, to put things in perspective, Vettel is (allegedly) booed in Britain, Hamilton is racially abused in Spain and Italy



    Ned, that just doesn’t make sense, especially the “passage” to F1 and to Vettel. (curiously, it reminds me one episode of The Office (not Gervais’ one, the american) in which Michael booes one actor after a play. When confronted by the actor, when they leave, he excuses himself by saying he was joking. if you know the Michael Scott/David Brent Gervais ridiculous-behaving character, you should know what I’m talking about). Anyway, it doesn’t matter.

    And I already had put things into perspective, up there. Both situations are sad. Racial abuse, if exists, is even sadder. Totally unexcusable and worthy of GP cancellations (withdraw from the calendar), in my view!



    I know he’s not racing at the mo, but imagine if Nico Hulkengburg won, or Vitaly Petrov, they’d go nuts.

    Are Petrov or Hulkenberg considered rivals to the top British drivers?



    I was there by Chapel corner and when the announcer said Vettel was second, everyone around me clapped. No boos whatsoever.



    Go back to the 1999 Italian Grand Prix when Mika spun out or the 2010 Spanish Grand Prix and Hamilton’s wheel failure. Shock horror, the fans celebrated. Who could blame them?

    You’re right, Itchyes, there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a sport, therefore emotional, and that’s why people pay the tickets and watch on TV. But the podium ceremony is to pay tribute to the better drivers, winner, 2nd and 3rd. And it’s desrespectable to boo, whenever, but especially when they’re being (rightfully) honored (vide example of The Office in my last post).

    It’s kind of, how to say it, bad hosting? So, it’s ok, even healthy, to cheer when our “rival” goes off/retires, disrespectful to boo him.

    If next year McLaren dominate and Hamilton is booed at Hockenheim, would that be a surprise? No

    I hope they don’t do it. It’s beginning to become a trend; we’ve already had Britain, Spain and according to Ned, Italy. Because then, one begins to wonder what lies behind that behavior, and, if the answer is “countries rivalries” we all know deep down that’s just an euphemism for xenophobia..



    Personally I wouldn’t boo unless a driver had done something that could be considered disrespectful. However much I would love to boo Vettel he seems to be an absolute top bloke and it’s unlikely he’ll give me any reason to do so any time soon.



    hopefully it’s very few people that do it and the drivers don’t even realize..


    I hope they don’t do it. It’s beginning to become a trend; we’ve already had Britain, Spain and according to Ned, Italy. Because then, one begins to wonder what lies behind that behavior, and, if the answer is “countries rivalries” we all know deep down that’s just an euphemism for xenophobia..

    I think you’re getting ahead of yourself here. If anyone did ‘boo’ Vettel I’m pretty sure it’d simply be ‘pantomime’ level booing because he has been so monotonously dominant this season rather than it being about him being German. I’m not saying that it’s right, but that it’s most likely not meant in a malicious way.

    Anyone who severely dislikes Sebastian as a person really deserves to have their judgement questioned.

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