Di Resta happy that Schumacher is ”out of the way” now

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    In the video below, Paul di Resta talks about Force India, preparations for the upcoming season and 2014, his talks to McLaren last year and many other things during his appearance on the stage at Autosport International 2013 today. The most interesting remark, however, comes at the beginning of the interview (~1:30), where he has some harsh words for Michael Schumacher:

    „I had so much respect and he was my hero and all the rest, and eventually I got to race against him. Now, though, I feel a bit different about Michael. I’m quite glad he’s retired and he’s out of the way, because he’s a bit of a pain in the *** on the track.”


    Given that di Resta is sometimes considered as a ‘boring’ driver, this is a bit out of character…



    I think that he was just joking, in the same way that any driver might call a rival that. I think that his joking tone is hard to notice since he speaks in a constant monotone…



    he just feel the hardness of passing Schumacher and relieve he won’t face Schu on track this season.
    quite normal isn’t it?



    I wonder if he’s a bit sore that he didn’t get Schumi’s seat. Ended up with Lewis instead, after all.



    He’s clearly taking the piss. Clearly. Look at the cheeky grin as he starts to say it.



    I enjoyed the “he doesn’t know how to turn right” on Dario Franchitti :)



    Well to be frank, if Schumacher wasn’t who he was his crashes over the last three years would have been much more harshly dealt with. That’s not to mention his baulking people in qualifying and practice.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    “I’m quite glad he’s retired and he’s out of the way, because he’s a bit of a pain in the *** on the track.”

    And di Resta is a bit of a pain in the *** off the track.

    I’m assuming that unless di Resta is considering character assassination as a career choice, he’s referring to Schumacher’s racecraft and the way he can be difficult to pass and refuses to give up attacking. In that case, Paul, you should probably know that that’s his job. It’s not his responsibility to make you look like a better driver than you actually are by moving out of the way as soon as you come knocking and spending an entire race behind you because his first attempt at passing you didn’t work.


    Max Jacobson

    It’s what we call in Scotland “banter”: Di Resta was “taking the piss” with his comment which I presume was brought on by Schumacher’s aggressive defence when someone is attempting an overtake. I doubt he was being serious which is evident from what he said afterwards.


    Craig Woollard

    I think you’re absolutely spot on @vettel1, I do like to see drivers having a bit of a joke rather than the PR-machines they’re designed to be. He’s obviously joking, we’re all aware Dario can turn right without any problems, even if Sato is lurking!



    Come on. People have baited him for 2 years now for being too boring in interviews, and now he finally sheds a joke you bash him even further?


    Prisoner Monkeys

    It might be intended as a joke, but it sounds pretty disrespectful to me.



    @prisoner-monkeys That’s probably why he stays away from making jokes. ;)



    Slightly off-topic: Di Resta hasn’t even been confirmed at Force India for 2013, and already he’s talking of moving elsewhere for 2014: http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/105099

    Perhaps I shouldn’t blame a driver for speaking his mind, but it feels like he’s shooting his mouth off a little. This also reminds me of Gascoine saying Kovailanen should have shown more respect last season. Just how happy is Di Resta to be driving for Force India this year?



    George- Yes, The Schu got away with ALOT in the past 3 years the other boys would not have!
    I wished him better, and a victory, in his comeback but sadly not….. and maybe he should have left it alone….. Eccelstone’s ‘Hurt the legend’ comments are correct. But Di Resta’s ‘pain in the arse’ comments, while yes a piss take, show drivers like him (2nd tier) still found him REAL hard to beat at 43.

    Most would agree that the 2nd tier boys this year were Maldonardo, Perez, Hulkenburg, Di Resta & KK.
    2 stayed put, 1 went sideways, one pushed out of f1 :( and the other to the top. I think Checo is the only one here where the guys in F1, that know more than all of us, thought “We need to get this guy in a fast car”- and McLaren won there. They saw potential like Ayrton or Shumacher. (Not saying he is as good, just the X factor)

    Di Resta doesnt fit this mould….. and I think gets ahead of himself with “Dissapointed to be snubbed by top teams” comments as he doesnt deserve that on performance or potential at this stage. His team mate this year does, and I hope he will, but one driver who has failed to show some great progress after initial potential IMO.


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