Did anyone else think Hamilton was dead/ knocked out?!

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    I honestly thought something really bad had happened to Hamilton when his onboard cam showed his car after the Kobayashi crash. He was not moving and when the marshall tapped him on his helmet there was no response. was anyone else rather worried?



    I did worry for a moment as he didn’t respond, and half thought he was unconscious.



    I was worried as well, despite the incredible safety it’s always possible something goes wrong. I was very relieved when he removed the steering wheel.



    Yeah, I did fear the worst for a few seconds until he finally moved.



    I thought he was knocked out as he did hit the barrier at a good speed.,though in the press conference talking about the incident he do seem to be a bit shaken may be he had a minor concussion.



    Exactly! I was already worried when he didn’t steer clear of the guardrail after the crash but even more when he didn’t brake and let his car crash into the red tirewall.

    On top of that he sat motionless in his car for a long moment.

    I’m convinced this caused the Safety car to be deployed. The crash and the location itself weren’t serious enough to send the safetycar out.



    I wasn’t at first because I just thought he was still with shock and frustration after a second or two I did wonder though but we got news (at least on the BBC) very quickly that he was fine. I’m sure last year at one of the GPs marshals asked drivers to stay in the car for a while after the accident so they could be checked over but I may have just dreamt that.


    That’s a bit peculiar, Steph. Usually I’ll have dreams about flying through the air while doing the breast-stroke or something.



    Like in Monza ’09, he remained in the car for a while but had no injuries, probably to realize his race was over. I knew nothing had happened to him, but he left me wondering anyhow.



    Yeah, it always worries me when there’s no movement from the driver after a crash, the worst for me was when Massa’s throttle was stuck open after his crash, I knew something was wrong straight away there. I think Hamilton probably had a slight concussion although no one has mentioned it.


    Ned Flanders

    I did wonder for a second, but spectacular though the crash was there was no major impact involved so I didn’t see any reason for him to be hurt. It was a relief to see him get out though



    No. I assumed he was just taking his time. No reason to get out in a hurry.



    I agree, when he didn’t brake after the inital impact I assumed the impact had damaged the brake system but then I was shouting ‘Lewis, MOVE!!!’ at the TV.

    I was very worried.

    Good to see he’s OK if a bit confused!



    What really stopped my heart then and there is that the martial nudged him and his head seemed strangely compliant.



    yes my heart stopped when he was nudgeed and didn’t move. blimey that was horrible for a few seconds.

    @nedflanders- it’s possible for the suspension arms to penetrate the cockpit with nasty consequences don’t forget!

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