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    I was looking for a list where I can see the drivers nicknames, but I haven’t found one, so here is my idea.

    1. Sebastian ‘Fingerboy’ Vettel //Dont need to explain
    2. Mark ‘Jetpilot’ Webber //2010 Valencia
    3. Jenson ‘The moistmaster’ Button //Dont need to explain
    4. Lewis ‘Hollywood’ Hamilton //Management team
    5. Fernando ‘The emperor’ Alonso //from Gurmit’s cartoons
    6. Felipe ‘Baby’ Massa //Rob Smedley
    7. Michael ‘The rainmaster’ Schumacher //Dont need to explain
    8. Nico ‘Britney’ Rosberg //according to Button
    9. Kimi ‘The Icecreamman’ Raikonen //not iceman, icecreamman:)
    10. Romain ‘One Lap’ Grosjean //I have no better idea, this describes his 2012 performance so far
    11. Paul ‘Hatless’ Di Resta //He doesn’t wear a hat
    12. Nico ‘The Hulk’ Hulkemberg //Dont need to explain
    14. Kamui ‘Daring’ Kobayashi //Suzuka R130 open drs, 6-7 overtakes at the hairpin
    15. Sergio ‘Checo’ Perez //Dont need to explain
    16. Daniel Ricciardo //I have no idea
    17. Jean-Eric Vergne //I have no idea
    18. Pastor ‘PayDriver’ Maldonado //not saying he is, but referring to the controversy
    19. Bruno ‘OneHanded’ Senna //he recorded a video with his cellphone while driving the lotus at Spa
    20. Heikki ‘Launchpad’ Kovalainen //2010 Valencia
    From Petrov down to Pic I have no idea, so I am waiting suggestions, not only on these drivers, but on all of them.




    1. Seb=The Kaiser
    2.Mark=The Wizard Of Aus
    7.Shumi=The RainMeister
    9.Kimi=The Iceman
    12.Hulkemburg The Hulk
    14.Kobiayashi= Banzi/ Kobi-Wan
    15.Perez=Speedy Gonzalez
    20.Kovalinen=The Angrybird
    21.Petrov= Ruskie

    These are the ones I use.


    Keith Collantine

    I remember we had a ton of nicknames posted in this article last year:

    From Teflonso to Britney: Top ten F1 driver nicknames



    Kovalainen = Niceman (damn close to the Iceman, and he’s one of the nicest drivers on the grid)
    Petrov = Cosmonaut (y’know, last year…)
    Massa = FELIPE BABY (yes, at this point it’s almost cringeworthy, but I like to call him that)
    Glock = Irishman Tim O’Glock (props to that old thread for reminding me of it! Hadn’t used it in a while)

    And if we’re to go with old drivers, my sheer hatred for James Hunt has led me to use that C word as a nickname.

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