Driver performance sustainability

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    Alonso has just done one of the best season-long performances of any grand prix driver. He made maybe just 1 or 2 mistakes season-long, and was pretty much on the ball over the season. But this thread isn’t to debate that.

    As a performance coach, I’m rather well-versed in practical psychology – and thus well aware of how powerful the mind and mindset is in all this. But at the same time – you can have the healthiest, sharpest mind, programmed in all the right ways, but it’s never enough to *just* look at the mind.

    Other than the sheer fact that a driver should hone their racecraft and their speed – what should a driver do to pursue this kind of season? Fitness? Changing their nutritional intake?

    I’m looking for more scientific answers, rather than the qualitative “they should focus more, they should work out more” etc if possible.

    Otherwise, all answers are well appreciated.

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