driver to driver radio communication

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    is it possible for F1 to have some sort of device that allow communication between drivers.

    we have seen several incident where faster driver got block by slower driver through the race weekend. so maybe by allowing driver to communicate among them on the track, the chances of blocking incident can be at least minimize.


    faster driver : oi sakon, get out of racing line, I’m coming thru

    sakon : WTF

    maybe it can be much more interesting if the drivers are allow to communicate on the track



    maybe much more interesting there’s still JPM in F1 lol



    You mean like on PS3? They’re all talking to each other? Otherwise if you had to choose to talk to a driver, you’d need controls. Voice control, or request a connection from your pit. Manual controls would be a bit crazy but you could have a rocker switch and a LCD display I spose.

    The only other way is team mate to team mate comms.

    All of which isn’t gonna happen any time soon, but I like the idea! :D



    I think it would be too hard for the drivers to control who they are talking to.



    Fernando: I am faster than you, do you understand this message?


    It should be the team’s responsibility to ensure their drivers don’t end up blocking anyone. The drivers have enough to worry about as it is.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I don’t think it’s a wise idea to let drivers talk with each other. For one, there;s twenty-three other drivers out there, so how do they concentrate on the road whilst changing radio channels?

    Plus, they might interrupt an important message from the other driver’s team.



    Great idea, but quite impractical



    personally, I think they should have driver to driver laser beams.. also be able to fire upside down turtle shells at other drivers. Push to pass is obvious. If they get hit, they should respawn form the pit lane. I’ve also been a long time advocate of attaching rockets to the back.

    I would like to see at least 2 of these items, before I reach 80.. Thank you.



    @PM I love the idea of Massa singing down the radio, interrupting a message to/from Alonso.

    ‘Fernando is fast… !!LALALA E o sol da Liberdade, em raios flgidos!!… can you confirm you.. !!Brilhou no cu da Ptria nesse instante!!!!..’

    What a beautiful image…



    I don’t think drivers in the same team would want to shoot the breeze, let alone drivers in differant ones.



    I seem to remember an electrical fault in the Ferraris (possibly rain-related) at a wet Silverstone in the late 1990’s (1998?) resulted in Eddie Irvine and Schumi being able to talk to each other!



    I think its an interesting idea but not for ordering slower drivers out of the way. I tink they should do what they do in America and let you find your own way past backmarkers. If your good enough to be in F1 then you should be able to pass backmarkers by your own initiative.



    They would be filling the air waves with ‘yer mum’ jokes.

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