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    Keith had an interesting question on Twitter if Canada was the best race Lewis has ever driven.

    Definitely would put it up there especially as Lewis had to stay cool and save tyres, something we all know isn’t his strongest point.

    So what do you think are drivers best drives?

    Hamilton – Silverstone 2008 or Montreal 2010

    Vettel – Monza 2008

    Alonso – Hungary 2006

    Button – Hockenheim 2004

    Schumacher – Brazil 2006

    Webber – Germany 2009

    Massa – Brazil 2008

    Alguersuari – Malaysia 2010

    Barrichello – Valencia 2009

    Buemi – Montreal 2010

    What do you think?



    I don’t necessarily think Canada was his best race. Full of action yes, but he didn’t comprehensively outclass the field. As you point out, I think the Silverstone drive in 08 was just sublime and I still reckon it was his best race to date.


    Dan Thorn

    I started writing out a list but I was just coming up with the same ones as you, except for Alonso’s. Probably because I’m an Alonso fan I tend to remember his drives more than others – Hungary 2006 was great, but Suzuka 2005, France 2004, Malaysia 2010, Fuji 2008, Suzuka 2001 and Brazil 2008 were also brilliant for him.

    With Schumacher there are also so many that you could fill a hat with them, pick one out and it would be worthy.



    Hamilton – Turkey 2006 GP2



    Raikkonen: Suzuka 2005

    Just amazing passing Fisico on the last lap!



    True its hard to pick between Alonso and Schumachers because they’ve had so many amazing drives.



    For me Hamilton’s best drives were always Fuji 2007 and Silverstone 2008. Fuji was such a mad race and he came out on top; but Silverstone was just pure dominance. I don’t think we’ve seen as large a margin of victory since then, have we?

    I’ve always considered Hungary 1998 to be Schumacher’s finest drive. 20 qualifying laps to make a 3-stopper work on a track where overtaking is very difficult. Only if he had won the WDC that year, then I would have said the Suzuka race (last to 12th on Lap 1, 3rd before he retired). Brazil 2006 of course has to be considered though



    Nope. I think Hamilton lapped everyone except the top 3 (including his team mate and both Ferraris) and even the 2nd and 3rd drivers were over a minute down the road.



    Glock – Singapore 2009 or Hungary 2008 (great drives with a bit of luck to finish 2nd)

    Kovalainen – Monza 2008 (easily out-qualified all the title contenders, and drove a nearly perfect race, that should be his, but was beaten by a Toro Rosso)

    Sutil – Monaco 2008 (a brilliant drive in awful conditions, hasn’t put a foot wrong and was the fastest of all in the middle of the race (in a Force India, that was probably the slowest car at the time)

    Petrov – Turkey 2010 – Great drive, looked very close to Kubica pace-wise all weekend and was very fast until the contact with Alonso

    Hulkenberg – China 2010 – Qualified 5th in wet, and scored his first points with a good drive

    Trulli – Monaco 2004 qualifying – amazing lap!

    Davidson – Turkey 2007 qualifying – almost made it to Q3 with a Super Aguri



    I’d agree on Hamiltons Silverstone 08, but he’s had some awesome drives since, China this year for that bananza of overtaking

    Raikkonen’s Suzuka 2005 Drive of the decade.

    Schumachers 5th gear 2nd place in Spain 94 can’t be forgotten. He’s so many incredbile drives though, 06 Brazil is just the one we remember as his send off.

    Button had three drives in 09 belonging to a champion, obviously Brazil was sublime but in Spain and Monaco the way he completley dominaited the feild and his teamate was incredible. That people forget these and attribute his title to his car alone baffles.

    Vettle’s best races I think are Monza 08, which astonished and China 09.

    Alonso was amazing during Imola 05, although he was lucky Kimi when’t out Kimi’s lead was fairly car based. 20 laps defending from a man in a much faster car, who’d just won his 7th championship requires enourmous concentration, just ridiculous, I know it’s hard to overtake in Imola but 20 laps without a big enough mistake under incredible preassure. Makes me remember how sensational a driver Alonso really is.



    Schumacher – as Scribe has said, Spain 94. Spain 1996 is another one.



    Barrichello’s best race was probably Monza 2004 or 2009, where he outclassed both Schumacher and Button



    I’d suggest another for Alonso – Nurburgring 2007 as a suggestion but I prob rekon his Suzuka 05 was his best. Just unlucky he lost so much time letting Klien back past.

    Button – Aus or China this year. Prost-eque use of the grey matter upstairs outsmarting his team mate with the headless chicken approach to racing.

    Barrichello’s best drive was deffinately his first in Hockenheim 2000. Started P18 and charged through the field, then stayed out on dries in the rain to win. Brilliant race

    Massa – Fuji 2008 he did a 1:18:426 in the race over half a second faster than anyone else in the race at that stage. I was so shocked by how fast it was I can still remember the time. He had a great drive to comeback from his penalty early on in the race and gained a point after a barnstorming move on Webber.



    He had a great drive to comeback from his penalty early on in the race and gained a point after a barnstorming move on Webber.

    Didn’t he get a few when he crashed into Bourdais resulting in a Bourdais penalty :P



    Exactly, see Massa was so good that race he could chop someone so skillfully that it got the other driver a penalty and gained him an extra point. Nar I have to say I though Bourdais deserved the penalty, but I would have been very biased at the time as I was willing Massa on all the way in that race and title fight.

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