Drivers’ “day jobs”

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    Question: What would f1 (or other series) drivers be, if they never discovered motor racing?

    I’ll start. Lewis Hamilton is clearly a pc world sales rep.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Romain Grosjean would be a banker.

    Actually, he is a banker:




    Maldonado would quite clearly be a hitman. In fact I’m not certain that he isn’t one already.



    Jim Clark would be a farmer.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Kamui Kobayashi would be a sushi chef.

    Maldonado would quite clearly be a hitman. In fact I’m not certain that he isn’t one already.

    How many hitmen have braces? It’s a bit like the “one-armed man” element of THE FUGITIVE.

    No, if anybody would be involved in anything shady, it would be Vitaly Petrov. He looks like every KGB agent in every 1980s film about the Cold War.



    They’re just disguised to look as such. When he’s off the circuit he can snap onto them an attachment that makes Jaws (from 007) look like Barbie. :P



    I don’t know, but googling Maldonado only gives images of a man who chills me to my core.




    Maldonardo a hitman? I had a photo with Pastor (and Bruno) at Melbourne this year and he was a very ‘smiley’ sort of fella. Similar height to me (around 5ft 8-9in) but literally around half my size. That does not mean he is not very handy with a blade and as a martial artist and, in his day time vocation may be known wordwide as the ‘Smiling assassin’ LOL !!

    I will go retro with this one- lets talk 80/90’s:

    Nelson Piquet- Playboy- Brazilian’s version of Hugh Hefner.

    Nigel Mansell- Bouncer at a late night, down stairs pub in cetral London. A nice bloke until you really piss him off :)

    Alan Jones- Working along side Nigel.

    Alain Prost- Politician. A heap of long winded answers to questions never asked, that either were a bunch of lies or no-one could undersatnd (All respect- GREAT driver).

    Teo Fabi- Too obvious, runs a Pizza/Pasta restuarant.

    Thierry Boutson- Tour guide operator that does day trips & plays acoustic guitars and sing’s at local resorts by night (James Blunt style). (Again- all respect for this man- up there with Gerhard, in my opinion, a talent that never got what he deserved. Both world class drivers)

    Andrea De Cesaris- Panel beater (working on a “if I crashed it, i will fix it” basis (LOL) – he went broke!!

    Martin Brundell – Donno- maybe a commentator! People forget (and I CBF looiking up stats) but he drove in more GP that the great AS (I think ??), and the only reason he didnt win a race was the fact the 1988 McLaren was as good as it was. Great driver but better commentator. Almost as good as the great Murray Walker. True story, I had a slash (no- not awesome GNR guitarist, Slash, means having a piss is Australia) next to Murray in the early 90’s in Adelaide. Instead of being ‘stocked’ about the situation more felt like I had a “Slash” next to my G
    grandfather- not cool- lol.

    Jean Alesi- Yep, there is your hitman right there haha!!

    Ayrton- If this guy was not a race car driver he would be GOD! (And I am an athesit) Probabaly a humanitarian, but cant help but think this guy had something instow for him. I will upload some shots (when I work out how) of Ayrton signing my T-shirt, as I wear it as a 12 years old.
    Best ever – at whatever he did LOL!!




    I think Alonso would be a bartender.
    And Vettel could easily be one of those slightly innapropriate TV hosts on the german version of X-factor or something like that.
    Oh and M. Schumacher would deffinetely be a builder!




    Felipe Massa would be host of the tv show Springwatch



    @enigma that wtf1 piece is good, but hamilton as a lawyer? he can hardly make it through a press conference without getting caught out. Far too gormless.



    Massa would be an ideal children’s TV presenter.



    Michael Schumacher would be working in a garage. He is a trained mechanic.

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