Drivers who won races after penalties


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    Keith Collantine

    Will Power’s recovery to second in Sunday’s IndyCar race in Detroit after taking a drive-through penalty for a first-lap collision got me wondering how many drivers have won races after picking up penalties?

    Off the top of my head I came up with:

    Jenson Button, 2011 Canadian Grand Prix
    Mark Webber, 2009 German Grand Prix
    Michael Schumacher, 1998 British Grand Prix (served penalty after crossing the finishing line)

    There must be more so post any you know of (they don’t have to be in F1) below…



    Jacques Villeneuve’s Indy 500 victory came after being penalised two laps in the race after passing the pace car twice when it was trying to pick the field up after a caution, so he had to cover 505 miles to everyone else’s 500. In addition, he pitted immediately after the pit lane reopened after the caution, had a messy stop, nearly took the fuel hose with him and stalled.



    Button’s 2006 Hungarian GP win springs to my mind if grid penalties count as well.



    Senna Brazil 1993 – Overtaking in a yellow flag zone and Prost Germany 1993 – Shortcutting and Jan Magnussen in British F3 are the only other ones that come to mind



    M Schumacher in Canada 1998 won despite a stop-go penalty for taking Frentzen out of the race.

    Raikkonen in Japan 2005 had an engine change, although he was bizarrely not moved back on the grid as he qualified 17th ahead only of 3 drivers who did not set a time, and he was allowed to start ahead of them.



    to me, schumacher in 1998 at silverstone had already finished (and won) the race BEFORE taking his penalty. so it shouldn’t count in this list. no?



    Forgot about this one: Lewis Hamilton GP2 Nurburgring 2006


    Iestyn Davies

    And he fought back to 2nd in the Turkey event after a spin.. which was almost like taking a penalty :P

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