Drivers whose season points all came from wins

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    Here is a list that I compiled showing the drivers who went through an F1 season only scoring points from victories (i.e. in every race in a particular season, the driver either won the race or failed to score).

    Season – Driver – Notes
    1950 – J Parsons – also scored fastest lap point
    1951 – L Wallard – also scored fastest lap point
    1951 – L Fagioli – only race he entered, was a shared win with J Fangio
    1952 – A Ascari – scored 6 straight wins (and managed fastest lap in all 6) after retiring from Indy 500
    1952 – T Ruttman
    1953 – A Ascari – scored a 4th place in France, but these points were dropped as he had 5 wins (he also managed 2.5 fastest lap points)
    1953 – B Vukovich – also scored fastest lap point
    1954 – B Vukovich
    1954 – J M Fangio – managed a 3rd and a 4th, but these points were dropped as he had 6 wins (he also managed 3 fastest lap points)
    1955 – B Sweikert
    1956 – P Flaherty
    1956 – L Musso – shared drive with J Fangio, entered 3 other races that year but finished none of them
    1957 – S Hanks
    1958 – J Bryan
    1958 – T Brooks – won 3 out of the 9 races he entered that year, only other finish was a 7th
    1959 – R Ward – unlike the other Indy 500 winners, Ward also took part in another race that year (USA) but did not finish
    1960 – J Rathmann
    1961 – G Baghetti – won on his World Championship debut, entered 2 other races that year but finished neither
    1963 – J Clark – scored a 2nd and a 3rd, but these points were dropped as he had 7 wins
    1965 – J Clark – won the first 6 races he entered (missing Monaco) and did not score in any of the final 3
    1966 – L Scarfiotti – only entered 1 other race that year, but did not finish
    1968 – J Clark – won the season opener but was killed before the second race
    1970 – J Rindt – managed 5 wins, 1 13th place and 3 DNFs from the first 9 races before being killed in practice for race 10
    1971 – P Gethin – had 5 other finishes that year but all outside points, only managed 2 other points in his career
    1972 – J Beltoise – had 5 other finishes that year but all outside points
    1979 – J Jabouille – only had 2 other classfied finishes that year
    1980 – J Jabouille – only had 1 other classfied finish that year

    Juan Manuel Fangio managed 3 wins and 3 DNFs from the 6 races that he entered in 1950 – however, he also scored the fastest lap point in Italy 1950.

    Aside from his 2 victories, Jean-Pierre Jabouille only managed 1 other points-scoring finish in his career (4th in USA 1978). His turbo-charged Renault in 1979-80 was the archetypal fast-but-fragile car.

    Giancarlo Fisichella has twice come close to joining this list – in 2003 his only points-scoring finish other than his Brazilian GP win was a 7th place (which would not have scored points in the previous year’s scoring system), and in 2009 his only points came from a 2nd-place finish in Belgium (where he nearly won).



    Maldonado is not far off it at the moment! Although there is still half the season to go.

    Impressive research however!



    Stirling Moss acme close in ’58 and ’59



    Very interesting! Those are drivers who won at least one race in that season, right? Otherwise you get many, many drivers who failed to score in every single race.

    Interesting that it hasn’t happened in over 30 years! Obviously there are more races now and 10 drivers get points, but still.

    I wouldn’t bet against Maldonado doing it sometime though.


    Keith Collantine

    @paulgilb Nice data. With reliability so much better and the points system extending further now I suppose it’s unlikely we’ll see many more of these.

    @james_mc Afraid Maldonado was eighth in China so he can’t do it this year.

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