DRS and Monaco

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    Well.. After FIA’s very silly decision to not ban the DRS at Monaco, who thinks that the Drivers will use it at certain pionts on the track and which point will it be? Or who thinks they will refuse to use it on safety grounds?



    no one will refuse to use it. Even Barichello will use something that will make the car faster. It’s the racing driver’s instinct.

    The safety of the drivers is a ridiculous argument. I’m not saying we should forget about safety but the cars are so safe that the drivers are not going to get hurt at all if the drivers go off in the tunnel. Take a look at Hulkenburg’s crash there last year, that’s similar (I think) to what Barichello is worrying about.

    So what if there are a few crashes? F1 has been lacking retirements of late.



    In the race, I hope the Activation Zone is though Beau Rivage, from Sainte Devote to Massenet. Than we’ll see some insane moves. ;)

    Pitstraigth ain’t ideal, and if the FIA are mad enough to put it through the tunnel, oh dear…



    Theres no catch fence in the tunnel. What if a car flicked off the back of the car in front and over the fence?


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Let me answer your question with another question: what if it had happened last year?

    Sorry, but I’m still not buying into the argument that the DRS is going to cause accidents.



    The only accident DRS has caused so far is Sutil’s spin and we all know Adrian is an accident waiting to happen himself.



    From what I’ve heard the DRS zone will be on the pit straight.

    Now, I won’t argue if it’s safe or not. But I just can’t see anyone overtaking there. The ideal line is on the inside of the ‘straight’, next to the wall, with that inside becoming the outside for turn 1. The only way the car behind can overtake is on the outside, and even if the defending car gives enough space, it won’t stick because he has the inside line. There’ll have to be a huge difference in speed to make an overtake possible on such a short and unusual straight, I’m thinking over 25kph.

    I say, ditch the chicane and make the DRS zone from the tunnel exit to Tabac!



    I think everyone complaining is doing so for the wrong reasons. They’re assuming that DRS+narrow streets+short straights = crash. its barely plausible.

    DRS does not open automatically. DRS is operated by the driver. a driver opening the DRS too soon and thus spinning, is similar to getting on the power too early and spinning… BOTH driver error.

    These are the pinnacle of motor drivers in the world, they’ll go out in FP1,2&3 and find the limits. They’re not just going to hammer it around on the first lap of the weekend. People assume they’re naive and going to open the DRS in the worst possible spots. Stop being so pessimistic.

    NOTE: i despise DRS, but despise naivety more..



    @Itchyes – Or Eric Lux. Sorry, couldn’t resist ;)

    As PM said above (and I can’t remember how many times i’ve said that on this issue) the drivers will basically crash regardless of whether or not they have DRS.

    @doance – If that happens you’re pretty unlucky and probably pretty dead.



    It’d be a fail if the DRS zone was between Mirabeau and Loews harpin. XD



    Big rear wing angles will make DRS more effective – the drag reduction will be more severe.

    Pit straight is good option, because in case of danger they can run through inside of St.Devote or drive in escape pocket outside of it.

    Makes sense.

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