DRS and Monaco?

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    Where will the overtaking zone be in Monaco? The pit straight is probably not wide enough, and the tunnel section wouldn’t be so good I think, as it’s very narrow and it would be really hard to get through the tunnel turn flat-out.

    If it were up to me, I’d say no overtaking zone in Monaco. That track was never meant for overtaking.



    If it were up to me, I’d say no overtaking zone in Monaco. That track was never meant for overtaking.

    Man, why would you say that? Even with a DRS zone, overtaking in Monaco is almost impossible. If there is any circuit on the entire calender, where I would really want to see DRS in action, it would have to be Monaco. Having a DRS system will hopefully give us a chance of some overtaking in a circuit that usually produces dull races. I think the tunnel is a good place to have it. It would lead to some exciting braking for the chicane after the tunnel.



    am I right in thinking because of the high downforce levels in Monaco, the effect of the DRS will be proportionately greater?



    I think so…

    no straight is long, wide or straight enough for DRS to do it’s job,though.



    I stick it in the section from Ste Devote all the way to Casino Square.


    Master firelee

    From Anthony Noghes – Sainte Devote or from Sainte Devote – Beau Rivage/Massenet is the best options.



    They should allow it to be used for an entire lap as long as you are within 1 second over the DRS timing line. That should provide some exciting racing. Its not like its going to make overtaking too easy.


    I think for safety reasons, they should completely ban DRS in race-conditions. It’s just too tight and there’s too little run-off for me to feel that it’d be safe.

    With the tires and the way things have gone so far, I’m convinced we won’t even need it anyway. The attrition-rate will provide us with drama whatever happens.



    “The attrition-rate will provide us with drama whatever happens.”

    The Monaco circuit isn’t hard on the tyres at all. In fact I’m pretty sure that teams will be trying 1 stop strategies during the race. Honestly, the Australian GP doesn’t have a lot of run offs either, and the average speed is much higher around the track as well, but DRS wasn’t such a safety hazard there. So why not the Monaco GP?



    Its got to be either the tunnel or to/from Saint Devote as Master Firelee says.

    Anyway chance to liven up the race as to be taken, its great visually but after 1 12 hours not so great as it becomes a procession



    I was just about to suggest the same thing as infy!

    It could work in the tunnel, but only as it starts to straighten out. To have it out of Portier would be madness.

    Out of Saint Devote would be an interesting place, we’ve seen passes into Mirabeau before. Antony Noghes would also be interesting.

    We’re going to need it because even if we replicated today’s race there’s no way there’ll be passing for the lead without it.



    I think the tires alone will provide the passing opportunities, but DRS would probably be best heading up the hill to casino Square to help them get close for Mirabeau.



    I don’t think there is an ideal place for the DRS zone. I’m torn between either not using it entirely, or letting the drivers use it everywhere when they are within the one second threshold.

    Using it everywhere would mean drivers will use it differently. Instead of one big zone, drivers would use it in small increments to get closer to the car in front.



    I think the best race of the year for the DRS will be Spain, that place is just so flat boring, give it two DRS zones for good measure.

    In Monaco I think wait and see, 1 sec behind at all times does level the playing feild on a track where the lead car has a massive advantage. Reckon it’ll cause a hell of a lot of crashes though. This season has SO much potential if it stays tight at the top, thank you Pirelli.



    I’m pretty sure that you cannot overtake in the tunnel due to the changing light/dark conditions…

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