DTM vs GT1?

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    Hey folks; just wondering. I was arguing with my friend about this one and neither of us could make any ground on the other. Which one is faster? DTM or GT1? I was thinking maybe GT1 would be faster in the straights because of their engine power, but DTM would be faster in corners because mechanically, and aerodynamically, they’re actually quite good.

    Which such series, either touring or “stock” car, is actually the quickest series?



    Accoding to this guy http://sportscarforums.com/f7/fastest-gt-machine-18872-2.html#post530210 (scroll down to find someone called MAXMC89) DTM cars are quite a lot faster then the GT1 cars.

    Even faster then F3 cars which is quite impressive for a touring car i think.



    GT1 I’d imagine. But I do have a cold hatred for DTM…



    If the DTM cars didn’t use the short version of the Nurburgring we might know. Saying that, if somebody can hunt down the sector times of the pole/fastest lap from each series it might be possible to find out…



    If DTM is being considered as faster than GT1, then you have to consider the Japanese Super GT series as one that possibly has faster cars too. I know that the specifications of DTM and Super GT cars are being brought closer together over the next few years with an aim for them to be comparable by 2015 in order to allow for direct compertition and cheaper development for manufacturers, and maybe GT1 cars will be heading that way too. It means that efforts like BMW’s will be able to make a couple of extra of their new M3 coupe DTM cars, ship them over to Japan, and race them straight off the bat against Honda and Lexus, and Nissan will be able to do the same in Germany. I’ve heared there’s going to be a licenced version of DTM in America sanctioned by NASCAR, which sounds like an interesting idea.

    Both Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo have all of these cars available to drive, maybe that would be a good place to get a rough idea of who is faster, especially if tracks where all three race are hard to come by.



    I think at the moment a GT1 car (although I think they seem to be being phased out for slower GT2 and GT3 cars for some unfortunate reason) is more powerful than a Super GT car, so is probably faster in a straight line. GT1 cars a few years ago had 600+bhp, whereas Super GT have 500bhp, but I think it is right that the aero on both Super GT and DTM is much more advanced.



    I always thought that DTM aero was the most powerful in terms of downforce out of all touring car series.



    I had a look at one of the few tracks that we can compare the data, Brno, and it seems that the DTM cars (at least in 2005 spec) were much faster.

    2005 DTM Brno: Pole 1:52.173

    2010 FIA GT1: Pole 1:55.441

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