2013 F1 Season Review is being distributed by Duke this year (and produced by FOM as usual)

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    See my post lower down for clarification. Turns out that Duke aren’t producing the video, they’re just distributing it. It’s being produced by FOM as usual.
    I have something that may be of interest re. the review. I’ve just received Duke’s printed catalogue in the post at it has this to say about the review:


    That’s very interesting news, although it depends what they mean by ‘produced’ – as in physically assembling and editing the footage etc. or just responsible for mastering the images onto a blu-ray disc and packaging and shipping – AKA Distributing.

    I was under the impression (from @gt-racer) that FOM themselves produce and edit and assemble all the content including graphics & presentation etc. then send it off to the distributors (Universal in 2011 and Metrodome in 2012) about a fortnight after the season is finished, and then the distributors are responsible for burning the discs and shipping them on time. After all, the content in terms of graphics and presentation was identical from 2011 to 2012, despite the change in distributor. However, Duke say that they are “producing” the review, rather than just distributing it. Now, maybe technically Universal, Metrodome, Duke etc. *do* produce the review in-house, yet FOM send some guys over to ensure the quality is consistent between years (in terms of presentation, menus, graphics etc.) Anyway, i’m at a bit of a loss as to what Duke’s role is in all this, whether they’re actually responsible for the production of the blu ray, or just the distribution (they look like they’re eager to big up their role in all of this). The impression I got from last year is that FOM weren’t happy with Metrodome delaying the release in 2012, so maybe they’re switched back to Duke as a fail-safe, as they are more reliable and experienced with these sorts of productions. I’ll email duke and see if they can clarify their role in the blu-ray production a bit more clearly.

    Maybe @gt-racer can shed any light?



    Is the catalogue sent out using the official F1 Store mailing list?

    Because I was really surprised when I got it this morning due to the fact that the only Duke product I’ve ever bought was the 1970-79 grand prix collection for £10 in a charity shop.



    @zantkiller no, it’s a Duke catalogue. I presume they sent it out as i’ve pre-ordered an item (the 2013 F1 review blu ray) on their website.



    I’ve just got in touch with Duke on Twitter, and they’ve told me they are actually producing the review this year, not simply distributing it. Which begs the question, who actually produced it in 2011 and 2012? Because presentation wise, they looked identical to each other, despite (if Universal and Metrodome did actually produce them, not FOM) being produced by two totally different studios. Unless FOM forces them to use FOM graphics, with specific instructions on how to use them etc., but gives them free rein to edit the racing footage as they see fit? That way they’d look similar to each other.



    Ignore the above posts, I’ve just had it confirmed by Duke video that yes, FOM *are* solely producing the review as in previous years, and Duke are only acting as distributors for the review:

    Makes much more sense now.

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