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    With the recent alterations to the points system.

    Next season will see 1/5 (one-fith) of the drivers world champions.

    Meaning that there will 5 out of the 25 drivers, will be WDC.

    This is shockin statistics, Bernie has dumbed down the series.

    Allocatin more points – but hasn`t this diluted the formula.

    It is/will be no longer the top driver series.

    Out standing driver talent is not priority. Because soo many have won. Just consistence and reliability. Is it really better, having a diluted championship than having a dominated championship?

    The new format does not produce a driver who can go toe-to-toe with the statistically greatest driver M.Schumacher a feat ONLY achieved by M.Hakkinen – who challenged AND won consistently 1998/1999.

    It is no longer formula 1 the pinacle – it is formula 1 in 5






    @george: That was my reaction aswell!

    @pepsiperfect: I absolutely do not agree. With potentially 5 world champions on the grid next season out of 24, not 25 as you say, it could be even better than this year.

    The standard of driving in F1 recently has reached such a high level because there are several drivers and teams pushing each other to the limit. With Mercedes possibly joining the party next season who knows what could happen.

    Bernie has not dumbed down the series. Say what you like about him but for a man in his eighties and who shows no sign of stopping, he has taken F1 to fantastic venues around the world.



    The world champions are a bit younger these days, aren’t they? Vettel is 23, Hamilton champion about the same age, Alonso young for a double champ, Button champ at 29. Don’t forget Kimi who was also a young winner but not currently in F1. In the past we had the likes of Hill (34) and Mansell (38) winning on their zimmer frames.

    So while the champions are winning at an early age they’ll mount up in the series as the years unfold.




    For the first time we have many teams in contention with drivers capable enough of destroying the opposition on their day. And coupled with the fact that most of them make a lot of mistakes (unlike Schumacher) means that the championship is going to be close.

    Has nothing to do with the points system.


    Red Andy

    I’d rather see a good, clean fight for the championship every year between as many drivers as possible, and a worthy and deserving champion at the end of every season. If that’s a different person every year, so much the better. It just proves how competitive it is nowadays at the sharp end of the sport.

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