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    Hello there my fellow Dutch Formula 1 fans, last week the news broke that Sport1 bought the rights to Formula 1, leaving RTL empty-handed for the next 3 years. The situation is a bit like the BBC/Sky deal in Great-Britain, but Veronica will only show 3 races live instead of half the season.

    With our beloved sport disappearing behind the decoder, the obvious downside is that we’re going to have to pay. I immediately checked after the news broke and the price seemed to be about €15,- a month. Am I right?

    On a positive note, it’ll rid us of the terrible commercials during races, cutting away from podium ceremonies and interviews because of a lack of time and they’ll bring us live coverage from the circuit instead of just having someone sitting behind a television screen. Besides that Sport1 promised multiple channels dedicated to Formula 1 during the races on sunday so we can choose whether we’d like to see onboards, the pitlane, etc. They’re going to show the practice sessions as well, which RTL never did. And personally I’m hoping we’re finally getting rid of Olav Mol, but that’s a matter of opinion.

    Has anyone deciided if they’re going to pay yet? Discuss!



    press release

    “Uiteraard is de Formule 1 ook via Sport1.nl te bekijken en worden de kwalificaties en races pay-per-view beschikbaar gemaakt via de platformen van UPC, Ziggo en KPN. Over de verdere invulling en de verschillende online-abonnementen maken we in de loop van de week op een speciale info-pagina meer bekend.”

    Seems like we can just watch 9 races live for free at BBC, and buy the other 10 races per race on Sport1. I’ll be waiting to see what sort of package they’ll offer for F1.



    Hi Roald! I’ve never really liked the Dutch commentary of Olav Mol too, not to mention Allard Kalf’s. Last year I watched 10 races on the BBC and for the other 10 I watched German RTL’s coverage. I don’t know what Sport 1 will be like, but as a student €15,20 a month is a lot of money. So I think I’ll stick to what I did last year.



    I might get Sport1, I looked into getting Sky last year, but that was too expensive and too complicated just for F1. Then again, it’s quite possible I’ll end up doing the same as @andae23. I only missed a few of the BBC races (my family likes F1, but aren’t all stars as far as understanding English goes) and have to admit I often watched RTL Germany when RTL7 went to commercials and didn’t go back.

    I do wonder what the costs of the pay per view system will be and if they’ll end up making a special F1 package. I’m not too keen on paying 15 euros a month for the entire Sport1 subscription, if I could watch F1 for a couple of euros each race weekend.

    I don’t think they’ll hire Olav Mol, since he moved to Spain years ago and ever since his wife got sick and later passed away, he seems to be alright with no longer going to the races. I’d figure Sport1 would want someone who is dedicated to going to the races and do some proper pre- and post-race programming as well.



    Personally I’m fine with the BBC, but I don’t like watching in German, so it’ll probably be pay-per-view for me as well.

    I always thought Olav Mol was kinda ok as a commenter, but in the last couple of years he seems to be using a lot of clichés and repetitiveness as well as using the same “jokes” over and over again which was putting me off quite a bit. As he no longer seems to travel I doubt we’ll see him at Sport1.
    Who will be the commentary team for them is a huge mystery to me. I suspect all of them will be new faces. I hope and pray that they are actually long-time F1 fans and not football guys shoehorned in to fill the jobs.



    Olav has been making a lot of mistakes as well and missing a lot of action. He basically has the same info we have, especially now online live timing usually works properly. The last 3 or 4 years I’ve heard him make a lot of mistakes, the pre-race programming has disintegrated and like you said, a lot of the same jokes and catchphrases. At some point he started saying Jenson Button in a French accent, I think that was when I was through with him.

    The pre-race programming used to be excellent though and there’s a lot of great stuff on YouTube. http://youtu.be/QEw7kVGXaxQ


    rob lomas

    I have no choice other than BBC here in Britain because my parents won’t have sky so I’m stuck with freeview although another alternative which a friend of mine showed me at school was VIP box ( just google VIP box sky f1) which has tonnes of pop ups but is free and leagle



    I did like Olav Mol. Not because he knew much, but he was always living the race. Now that is fading, but I am afraid someone new will be worse. Take the Belgians or the Germans for example. With Mol at least you know what you get. On the other hand: Sport1 might have the budget to send a crew to the races, rather than broadcasting it from a studio in Hilversum.

    About Sport1: I always watch F1 with to friends, so maybe we split the costs and go for pay-per-view. Although they both fancy the full package. Not sure yet.



    It was his passion what made Olav Mol great until a few years ago. The only outbursts I’ve heard in recent years were Maldonado crashing and Vet, Vet, Vettel winning a championship. If Sport1 doesn’t go the economic route and just sends some rookies, hopefully they’ll add someone with motorsport experience as well. Preferably someone like Jan Lammers, who doesn’t talk in catchphrases or about how great a friend one of the current drivers is.



    Ronald van Dam, previously of Canal+ and the recaps on NOS has been confirmed for the commentary role at Sport1 and Veronica. http://www.f1today.net/nl/nieuws/ronald-van-dam-formule-1commentator-bij-sport1

    In other words, I’m watching the season on the BBC and RTL Deutschland. I remember that guy from some taped races I saw from Canal+ and he tries too hard to be witty. I ended my subscription to Formule 1 magazine when he became the director as well, his tidbits were cringe worthy and the magazine suddenly thinned out. A shame.



    @nick did you comment the same thing on F1today?

    I’m completely unfimiliar with Van Dam, but in my opinion anything beats Mol’s stupid oneliners and inability to tell apart a Williams from a Sauber. I heard on the radio Sport1 is just 5 euros for the first three months so this might be the chance to give it a try, especially if you can stop your subscription whenever you please.

    Mol used to be fantastic in the 90´s but he got worse and worse. His mumbling and his dumb jokes are really annoying, especially if he uses that fake laugh right after making such a joke. It´s a lot of money, but personally I can´t wait to see what it´s all going to end up like. If it sucks I´ll quit immediately, but I think we should all at least give it a try.



    I do, I use the same username (but with a dash) there. I’m less serious over there, though, since the comments there are way more biased and sometimes downright silly.

    Here’s some Ronald van Dam, talking introductions for Tom Coronel, as I’ve seen him do in more Dutch Canal+ videos that ended up online. http://youtu.be/bVjBZ5Z1whM His contributions to the Formule 1 Magazine weren’t spectacular either. Talking about Schumacher in a Minardi, Montoya’s wife or trying to be funny about Bernie or the teams.



    Hmmm, commentary was not bad. I don’t know Mr. van Dam, but after your post I expected him to be worse. He does say rather obvious things though.
    Has there been any news about him being the sole commentator this year, or could he still be be paired with a “pro”? Robert Doornbos might be an interesting option. Rather not Verstappen. Please no Albers…

    I still haven’t decided what to do about the subscription. I have watched F1 forever alone on and off since ’87, and every race since ’91, so if I’m going to pay for it it’s going to be by myself.
    Any initiatives like F1 in Pubs in NL? Otherwise I might have to start polishing up my German..



    Haven’t decided for myself either. My wife and I aren’t happy with ziggo, were going to switch to Vodafone, so that would rule out on-demand for now.

    I liked that Mol is impartial, if a driver goes fast, he is a fan, less tiresome than RTL Germany, but pre race was a joke last few years, and I usually knew much more on what was going on from f1fanatic live than from RTL!



    @npf1, who is Van Dam, the first or the second speaker in the clip? The second voice I recognised as someone I find annoying.

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