Dutch fans: Your views on Sport1

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    Good news to bring Olav back – loved his commentary (even if I couldn’t understand half of it). I am disappointed though that it seems Sport1 has no season montage for 2013. RTL had the best montages outside of the UK, in my opinion.



    I know this is a massive bump, but after being stuck with RTL Deutschland for 2 races in a row, I’m really wondering if I should get Sport1 again. The commercials really kill the vibe of a race at RTL and to be honest BBC hasn’t been all that this season either. I only have an old laptop in my living room with streams running behind on the TV footage, using that as commentary isn’t really an option either.

    If any of my countrymen still have Sport1, how is Olav doing? Is he back to his old ways, or is he still like the latter years at RTL7? Do they show the full victory lap and post race sequence?



    Same here: watching BBC if possible, else RTL. During the commercial breaks, I quickly mute the TV and watch a stream. It’s annoying, but it will do for now.

    Besides the commercial breaks, the RTL coverage is pretty pathetic too. They keep missing the action and their enthusiasm level is sub par. In the end, I always find myself making up my own commentary and just block out RTL in my mind.

    So, same question here: is it worth buying Sport1 for the ten races that are not shown live on BBC?



    As someone who actually still watches F1 on Sport1 I think it’s worth to buy Sport 1. Compared to the commentary last year, when I even considered to cancel my subscription to Sport 1, Olav is doing a superb job.

    The pre-race preview is the same as it was at RTL (technical analysis, interview with a F1 driver/team-boss), a Dutch F1 test driver (Robin Frijns or Guido van der Garde) is often involved during the race-weekend either in an interview, explaining technical stuff to the audience or making a top-3 prediction for quali and race.

    The commentary of Olav is much better compared to the commentator last year and also to himself in the latter years of RTL. He looks happier and is also much more excited when he commentates nowadays. He still makes mistakes but it’s not as bad as it’s used to be and the excitement he gives you by watching it makes it less noticeable.

    The other advantages at Sport 1 are that there are no commercials during the race and that they show the victory lap and the post-race sequence even though it ends after the podium interviews. You also have GP2 and GP3 which you can watch after the race.

    It’s up to you whether you consider this worth to buy Sport 1 but as BBC only shows half the races and the commentary at RTL is dreadful I think that it’s worth to buy Sport 1 (defenitely compared to last year).



    @f1kb Thanks for answering my questions! One of my main beefs with Olav in his latter years at RTL7 was his mumbling and rehashing facts we could see, being more involved maybe lit his spark again.

    I think I’ll give it a try for the Belgian GP, I can luckily subscribe/cancel instantly, so I don’t mind the 15 euros for once. (As I’d say it compensates the annoying ads, fruitless RTL commentary and build up and getting to avoid Eddie Jordan.)

    Not to gloat, but as I was browsing through this thread earlier, I noticed I said this in early 2013:

    Jos […] has a very candid personality, which either means he’ll end up walking away before there’s a contract signed, or he’ll provide James Hunt-like commentary.

    Seeing he never did commentate on a race with Ronald van Dam, I predicted that one better than I have any race result for the predictions championship!

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