Eccelstone's medals: solution or problem

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    BE is making noise about establishing a medal system again. I find this so frustrating considering F1 just changed the point system, and the net effect has been positive. We are having another really exciting title fight (with team infighting). It’s been great! I don’t think anything should change.



    With 5 serious contenders left with 5 races to go.




    “I find this so frustrating considering F1 just changed the point system, and the net effect has been positive. We are having another really exciting title fight (with team infighting). “

    The old points system would still mean it would be a close, 5 way title fight.

    I think the medals system is daft and could make things less close. Plus, I admit it’ll annoy the life out of me if it comes in now *grumbles about 2008* but that’s just the Masssa fan in me :P



    Right! So maybe I’m preaching to the converted. If so, who wants the medals system besides Bernie?



    When there is nothing in the World of f1 he comes with something very unusual. Why don’t he proposed F1 for the Olympic sports which is the second most watch sports in the World.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    He actually did suggest having a one-off Olympic Grand Prix in London in 2012, but the idea was rejected.

    The problem with motorsport as an Olympic sport is that too much depends on the car. And by that I mean if Red Bull and Hispania were to enter, it would not be a fair fight. Yes, there are differences in the talents of individual athletes, but the playing field is equal. In motorsports it is not because of the difference in the cars.

    Even if you were to do something like GP2 or A1GP, too much of a driver’s success will depend on the car. A driver could be taken out of the race because of a mechanical failure, and that’s not exactly fair. A driver might be talented enough to win, but if his equipment fails, it’s game over. How is that fair?



    A driver could be taken out of the race because of a mechanical failure

    Is that any different than a cyclist that gets a puncture, or who’s chain slips etc.?

    I don’t agree there should be an Olympic GP, just playing devil’s advocate…


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Yes, but those are minor things. A punctured tyre can be replaced, a slipped chain reset, and the rider can continue on to finish the race without losing much time. But in motorsport, if a driver’s engine explodes in a plume of blue smoke (like Alonso at Malaysia this year), they’re out of the race through no fault of their own and they have no chance of getting things back on track.



    Since this makes so sense at all, there is probably a lot of money in it for Bernie. Maybe he has shares in gold or something.



    2008 is exactly the problem with the medals system, because a win was given from one driver to his rival. There’d have to be some kind of change to the rules concerning such a situation before I could be comfortable with it.

    Another drawback is that if there’s a repeat of the start of the last season then the championship could be over with a few races to go, rather than the treat we got last year.



    Exactly last year was different because a car that dominant at the begining of the season isn’t usually caught in such dramatic circumstances but the points remains what if it was an F2004 the season could be over by half way, sod that for a game of soldiers that sounds awful. An imagine if Brawn had remained dominant, Brazil09 would have ment half as much as it does now.

    It’s a damn silly idea an I don’t see either the teams or FIA going for it.



    Well yes someone should point out to bernie that the championship would of been all over by about spa last year with this daft medal system idea.

    I see what bernies trying to do, make no driver play it safe and have to be always winning. The issue is its unlikely the championship would be less likely to go down to the wire. While jenson sits only one win away from the lead, under the medals system he’d be 2:

    Mark Webber – 4

    Fernando Alonso – 4

    Lewis Hamilton – 3

    Sebastian Vettel – 2

    Jenson Button – 2

    But if its tight like it is this year we’re going to have to come down to number of second places, number of third places etc. Not worth while me thinks!



    It’s strange in away for me because I predicted no-one would win more than 4 races this year, and if they did they would be world champion – and it looks like that’s going to come true even if Massa (I thought at least 2) and Schumacher (just 1) haven’t won like I thought they would (well Massa “did” but let’s not go there!)

    Actually, let’s go there, because with a medal system Massa would still have been well in the hunt at that stage and Alonso’s chances would be a little less now – and that would have been fine and dandy with me ;)

    If stewarding was rigidly set so that in situations like Spa 2008 a driver would be told to give back the position or, if it was decided after the race, dock him enough seconds to put him behind the other guy (and if the other guy crashed out, there would be no penalty, because then where’s the damage?) – then I would be fine with the medals because I find this year’s points system too fiddly. Not just because it wouldn’t have screwed up the championship (though it would have been all over in China!), but because championships shouldn’t be decided on penalties which are open to conflicting interpretations and abuse (if you like a good conspiracy theory). But I would rather a more sensible points system.



    I really don’t like it!

    In some instances it could end the championshop too early.

    He is one of the few who thinks its any good, I wonder why.

    Sure Vettel might have pushed Alonso harder at singapore, but sill.



    I hope it’s never adopted. Absolutely daft.

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