Eddie “The Oracle” Jordan predicts the 2014 grid (BBC)

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    Force India would have quite a strong line up if this becomes reality.


    R.J. O’Connell

    I’ll be honest. I haven’t cared much for Force India’s driver lineups over the years, they’re a solid, yet very unspectacular mid-field team with drivers that aren’t really that inspiring – and the Indian flag livery isn’t really that attractive.

    But if they’ve really managed to swipe Hulkenberg and Perez, I’ll get behind them. What a steal for Vijay Mallya – a year ago around this time they might have gone out of business, and now they have one of the strongest lineups of young drivers on the grid for 2014!



    “If they’ve really managed to swipe Hulkenberg and Perez, I’ll get behind them”.
    I’ll be doing the same as that. From di Resta-Sutil to Hulkenberg-Perez is quite a leap and they should win many fans with that line-up, and as I’ve been a fan of Perez since he entered I’ll definitely get behind them. It would be one of the most exciting midfield line-ups in years.



    It seemed concrete that FI will end up with Sutil/Hulkenberg, since that’s what Brundle had mentioned a couple of times during the Grand Prix.

    That leads me to believe Maldonado will end up at Lotus, and Perez at Sauber.

    To me, keeping either Sutil or Di Resta is a good idea, although I don’t really have preference for one or the other. They’re both solid midfield drivers with the ability to deliver the odd surprise performance. I haven’t really kept track of their performances this year, but I know Di Resta had a string of terrible luck (4 or 5 races DNF, whether his fault or not). Neither really deserve top-tier seats, but neither is deserving of no seat.



    Looks like that’s it or almost.
    Sauber line up could be modified, not sure they will keep Gut or I missed something.
    Too bad Bianchi doesn’t get a beter seat, he will do well in a Sauber. Or get rid of Chilton, huge gap between him and Bianchi.
    After that, don’t see much that could be different…


    Iestyn Davies

    I think the Gutierrez to Marussia rumour started because of this. If Marussia and Bianchi could mix it up with the lower midfield, Chilton would likely still be last. At least they’d have a guaranteed finisher…. and with reliability next year, who knows, maybe that could get them a point or two? But Chilton’s place I think depends on his £10m Aon sponsorship, which seemed to disappear from the car over the season. If not that then it’s time for his dad, and Gutierrez’s dad/Telmex backing, to get their cheque books out and have a bidding war. You would’ve thought Marussia would be receptive to a Russian driver and backing…. what with the owner being Russian and all….



    And in the end it is proven that The Oracle has the best crystal ball available, just missing out on Kobayashi in place of van der Garde ;) That is about 4.55% of miss from target for him.


    Iestyn Davies

    Kobayashi only really came into the running late on as well, visiting the factory after EJ had posted his predictions. Caterham choosing to lose 6m Euros, to run Kobayashi over VDG, couldn’t really be foreseen either, but Tony is hoping that KK’s overtaking skills will nab them their first point in 2014, and hence continue their $30m prize fund payments from Bernie ahead of Marussia. He could also have bet on VDG making a bold tyre call, but it seems VDG smells a seat available at Sauber given his pot of gold available in the near future..


    I, for one, have already accepted Eddie Jordan as my lord and saviour.


    Lucas Wilson

    Its taken you this long?


    Iestyn Davies

    I accepted him when he had the snarling Benson & Hedges nose. Praise be to EJ!

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