Effects of Pirelli tyres in 2011

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    What do you think the effects of Pirelli tyres are going to be over a race w/end.

    Is it going to hamper car and rookie driver development in FP1 & 2, as the teams might run out of rubber before testing of new components has been completed? (there are only 2 * prime plus 1 * option available during FP1 & 2)

    What will be the strategy with only 7 sets of tyres being available for qualifying and the race?

    James Allen (http://www.jamesallenonf1.com/2011/02/f1-test-analysis-a-couple-of-graphs-to-get-you-thinking/) indicates softs only lasted 12-14 laps and hards 20-22 laps of 4.4km circuit. Race distance is ~300km, and both sets must be used in the race.

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