eric boullier,s sidekick

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    sbl on tour

    saw a shot of eric boullier after the gp, he was with another guy with eric boullier type specs, who was he?, he looked like a eric boullier klone complete with eric bouliers specs!


    Ned Flanders

    First of all, sorry to be a grammar Nazi, but you’re using comma’s where there should be apostrophe’s… (and yes I always get them wrong so I bet someone can correct the three in the previous sentence!)

    Are you thinking of Gino Rosato? http://www.velocidadlimite.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/Gino-Rosato.jpg

    …Aka the fat Ferrari groupie whose job seemed to be to stand in front of the cameras in the garage and look important? In 2009 he got a job at Group Lotus so he can seek attention in the Renault garage instead. I noticed him on TV during the race


    sbl on tour

    dont recognise this bloke at all, the bloke on sunday was clean shaven with boullier specs:;,.



    There’s a guy I keep seeing around the podium area after every race. He’s always wearing a suit and has a round bald head. He’s a bit of a Jason Statham look-alike.

    I think part of his job is organising the podium ceremony, he’s the one that hands the trophies to the dignitaries to present. He normally actively avoids being on camera, but he’s always there.

    Anyone know?



    Gino Rosato’s job at Ferrari seemed to be to celebrate in a hugely inappropriate way whenever Ferrari won anything…which they did a lot while he was there. Have a look at the last lap of Brazil 2008 to get a glimpse of his most “impressive” work. He makes my blood boil, he seems to be a bit of a poor winner, so sense of sportasmanship at all.

    Rant over…



    Check out Kimi Raikkonen putting Gino Rosato in his place in this video around the 4.06 mark! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QT6LSd2fvkk.



    That made my day! I’ve always wanted to tell that beardy t*** to f*** off!



    Rosato and Kimi are/were actually good friends. Is it just me or does Kimi get more excited when he is swearing?



    I don’t care if they were friends, it was clearly light hearted. I just liked the fact that he acted as though he was really peed off for a second.

    Still, it does say quite a lot about the guy that he just wandered up and interruped what was clearly a television interview. No tact.

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