Erik Comas in San Marino 1994

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    Something I have been curious about for some time:

    About 10 minutes after the 1994 San Marino GP was red-flagged (due to Senna’s crash), Erik Comas left the pit lane and drove at pretty much full speed until he reached the scene of the crash, at which point he was stopped by the marshals. The question is – what was going on here? Was his team completely oblivious to the fact that the race had been red flagged (had Comas pitted for repairs before the red flag?), or did they think that the race was about to re-start? Why wasn’t Comas stopped at the end of the pit lane?



    According to Wikipedia, it was the team’s mistake to let him out. And as we have seen in recent years, it’s rather easy to miss the red light at the pit exit.



    In 1992 Senna helped Comas after he crashed at Spa, maybe Erik wanted to help and return the act of bravery?



    It was an odd thing, I remember it pretty clearly. He ended up stopping in the middle of the track, just by the accident scene. It was a bizzare incident that kind of summed up the madness of the weekend.



    I think he ran over debris of Senna’s car and that’s why he pitted during the red flag while the other cars were waiting on the grid.



    I guess it was Murry Walker who described it as the worst day in F1,every thing that had happened on that day was a shamble.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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