Ex-F1 driver Jos Verstappen arrested

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    So apparently this isn’t his first time. Still, if he hits women with cars, who on earth let him into F1? He also got arrested earlier for splitting someones head open at a kart track…. right. Cause you really have a lot to get worked up over at a kart track…. Anyway, I wonder what’ll happen to him now? He kind of died off of the F1 radar, and he hasn’t really done any racing recently either. Well, I’m pretty sure this has taken him out of any professional racing, unless he funds it himself (which I doubt he can do).



    Looks like he could be doing hard time if that 3 month suspended sentence is wheeled out in court!



    Yes, he has abused his wife before, sending her threatening text messages for almost a year and even paying her an unexpected visit, ignoring his restraining order and supposedly hitting her whilst at it. I’ve seen and heard a lot of reports by people claiming he’s the most arrogant shitbag you’ll ever get to meet in a lifetime, plus he CLEARLY has an anger problem.

    To answer the question what he’s been up to after Formula 1… practically nothing on a professional level. He wanted to join Dakar this year, but didn’t manage to get his truck license in time.

    It’s a shame really, being Dutch I was a fan and I really think he did have the talent, just lacked the right cars and the right management… and, perhaps, the right attitude.



    He raced in A1GP in its inaugural season for Team Netherlands, but I think that’s all.



    Didn’t he fail to get to the second season of A1GP because he fell out with Jan lammers (the last Dutch F1 driver before him and the one running the Team Netherlands outfit)?

    Its a bit of a shame to see how he lets his frustrations out like that. A sad downtour for a driver that used to get us exited.



    I wonder though, Jos the Boss was somewhat of a national hero in the Netherlands… how did people from elsewhere around the world rate him at the time?

    (I forgot about A1GP btw)



    Mmmmmm. Put it this way, he retired and fell off the track quite a bit. Did he not have a Le Mans though.



    he does become the 2nd driver from the 1994 Benetton team to be arrested… anyone keeping an eye on Schumacher and Herbert? ;)

    I blame Flavio, standard excuse from the F1 world :P


    The Dutch Bear

    @mcfosi Verstappen ran Le Mans twice, I believe in 2009 with Jeroen Bleekemolen and gentlemandriver Peter van Merksteijn, they won the LMP2 class with the Porsche RS Spyder and in 2010 in one of the factory Aston Martin LMP1’s.

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