F1 2010 Buyers Guide – Which Platform and Graphics Cards

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    I just got a reply in the thread about Keith’s interview with the Codemasters developers of F1 2010 that the gaming engine in use is an update of the EGO engine used in Dirt 2. It is DirectX 11 implementation for the PC version, while only OpenGL on PS3 and DirectX 9 on XBOX 360.

    This means that the experience on the PC version will be much much better. Not only will you be able to run a much higher screen resolution on the PC version, with higher framerates (video card capabilities apply) but there a whole host of features in 11 which make DirectX 9 games look dull.

    So if you are trying to decide which version of the game to buy, my advice would be PC, then XBOX then PS3 in that order.

    You will need Windows Vista, or preferably Windows 7. There are only a handful of other games that support DX11 atm.

    If you are looking to upgrade your graphics card for the game (as I am), here are some links to new DX11 supported cards:

    * Nvidia GTX 480 and 490 series – multi monitor support – http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,2845,2361767,00.asp

    * AMD (Formerly ATI) Radeon 58xx series – http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,2845,2354154,00.asp

    * http://benchmarkreviews.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=469&Itemid=72

    I currently have an ATI card, and before that an NVidia – so I don’t prefer one or the other, but in the new series I think the general consensus is that the ATI cards are better. If anybody has any experience with any of these cards please let me know.

    Most of these cards are $400+, and before you say ‘why not just buy an xbox’ you really really have to see these things running, especially in HD on a large 42″+ screen :)

    If you are looking to spend no more than $150 and want a great card, checkout the Ati Radeon 4870



    Also, here is a primer on DX11 with some examples of renderings and features etc.




    And I just found mid-range price DX11 card comparison and reviews:


    that is 100-200 pounds



    I take it OpenGL is the worst out of the 3, then?



    Will my NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250 run the game? I have a DDR-3 motherboard with an Intel Core i7 (quad core) CPU and 4GB of RAM if that helps.



    “I take it OpenGL is the worst out of the 3, then?”

    My own opinion is that it isn’t as good as xbox/DX9 on the PS3 but other may believe diff. It is up to the game implementation, so a side-by-side of F1 2010 on xbox and ps3 would be interesting



    “Will my NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250 run the game?”

    more than capable of running it! that is actually a good card. these new cards i mentioned are DX11 compatible, which gives them an edge with games designed for that platform. see the link I posted for the new DX11 features.



    I agree with nik, PC is the option for those who can afford it.



    Hey guys, I’m a little worried, so can anyone help me?

    I don’t care about graphics quality (for me what matters is whether a game is fun or not), so I won’t mind if I have to run this game on minimmun graphics. But I use a Intel Core 2 Duo E7200 and a GeForce 8600GT – and it is a bit outdated card.

    Will my PC run it? Maybe yes but with a lot of framerate loss?



    Unfortunatly I can’t find much on min specs for this game, your processor will be fine however the GFX card may struggle a little.

    EDIT: Found official min specs:

    Windows XP/Vista/7

    DirectX 9.0c

    Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.4GHz or Athlon X2

    1GB RAM (2GB for Vista)

    Graphics Card: GeForce 7800 / Radeon X1800 or above

    DirectX Compatible Sound Card or motherboard audio

    Dual Layer Compatible DVD-ROM Drive

    12.5 GB Hard Drive Space

    Im currently running a ATI Radeon HD 5770 1GB and it runs everything smooth as (including mafia II on full detail!) Im running an i5 3Ghz and 4GB of DDR3 1333MHz ram.

    One final question Im probably going to pick up a game pad or a reasonably priced wheel. Anyone know what will work or not. I really can find 0 technical info for this game!!



    @nik, I was going to get F1 2010 for PS3, seeing as the majority of people I know have PSN, and I would have thought the game would be better looking on the PS3. Is there any way in which the 360 one is superior? I agree, the screenshots should be compared.

    I’m not much of a PC Gamer btw, unless it’s Command and Conquer.



    @guilherme Teixeira – that card isn’t that bad. I think the system requirements are reasonable – you would do ok with any card from the past 2.5 years or so. What I posted is more about those who don’t mind burning a bit of cash to get a full experience with the new DX11 and gaming engine.

    Also note that the price of graphics cards drops very very quickly. A card that is $600 today will be $250 or so after christmas – so if you have a decent setup now and want to save some money, wait a little while and splash out on one of the cards i mentioned above (which are all $500+ atm)

    @mmc – I think the advantage of playing with your friends outweighs any slight graphic advantages you might get.

    As for steering wheels, Logitech G25 – can’t look past it.

    I am working on getting/finding comparative screenshots



    @ nik: I know that your first post focus on getting every drop of performance from the PC to get the best experience, but I was just a bit worried, because I’m not used to play games with below-recommended specs =P

    To be honest I’ve seen a GT240 for pennies in a store nearby, but unfortunately I’m kinda trapped with my 8600GT, because my motherboard doesn’t support PCI 2.0 (yes, I hit my head against the wall everyday in shame of buying this motherboard…), and if I do change it, I’ll have to change my processor too, and I kinda don’t have the budget to do that now… (if anyone knows of a good motherboard with PCI 2.0 support and Socket LGA 775 I’ll be a really happy man!)

    By the way, is this screenshot taken with (near) minimun graphics?


    It seems kinda crude (textures, shadows and lightning effects seems rather poor) when compared to other images and videos released already, like these:



    Does anyone have any idea?



    @M.M.C: The console versions will be very similar unless the developer really drops the ball on either version. DX11 and OpenGL are 2 graphics standards and libraries, and the amount of work put into either version will determine the outcome. You must remember that the PS3 has GT5 and the Xbox360 has Forza, and both look fantastic on a large screen.


    Keith Collantine

    I should be testing the PC version with an NVidia GeForce GTX 480.

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