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    Morning All,

    Very basic question from someone very new to driving games – which colour indicates the braking zones for cornering in this game? In Forza 3, it was along the lines of “yellow – maintain current speed”, “red – brake hard”. Going into F1 2010 for the first time yesterday I’m finding that braking on the red line seems way too late for making most of the corners. Should I be slowing down when the line changes to yellow instead?

    I’ve tried without the line on, but as I barely know any of the tracks from a ‘driving simulation’ point of view and sadly don’t have hours of free time to learn them, I’m sticking with this assist until I’m barely competent!


    Ned Flanders

    Braking at the red part of the line seems to work for me. In fact, sometimes it seems too early



    yeah, as ned says there are certain corners that the red line is too long for (like the mini straight in catalunya that I can’t remember the name of) and some that it isn’t long enough for – like going into the last section at silverstone.

    Its dynamic though and as far as I know adapts to what your car should be able to do. its useful! I’m using it on corners only while I try to learn all the tracks. Its been a long time since i’ve played an F1 game!



    oh and to answer your question more specifically, i’d say

    brake = red

    yellow = maximum speed for the corner

    green = safe speed for the corner

    You’ll get to learn where you can push the boundaries etc. Don’t rely on the line so much though, use your instinct!



    I use it exclusively for guidance when learning the circuit. On the approach to some turns, braking on the start of the red lines is far too early, on others it’s far too late. Most obvious example of the latter for me was Turn 9 at Istanbul Park. If you stand on the brakes right before the driving line assist turns yellow, you can take turn 9 and 10 on full throttle and usually gain upwards of a second on the AI between turn 8 and 12.

    I also don’t think it alters depending on tire choice, downforce level of the car or anything like that.



    Many thanks chaps. I tried using my instincts and turned the driving line off – I found it easier to concentrate (and a bit more enjoyable to be honest) on the corner, unfortunately those instincts are somewhat underdeveloped!

    I’ve only played it for a couple of hours so think I just need to send the wife and kids away for a couple of days whilst I get my eye in.



    it’s better without that driving line, it helps you form and individualize your driving style (it’s a lot more rewarding in actual sims, actually)



    On F1 2009 it was all over the place!



    I myself will be playing on medium but the one difference being i will turn the racing line off.

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