F1 2010 – fan backlash over bugs and faked AI

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    Rushed out yesterday morning and picked up F1 2010 for my Xbox and first impressions were very good – its visually sublime and from a driving perspective its that great balance between arcade and simulation that Codemasters have always excelled at.

    However, anybody thinking about buying the game should perhaps take a look at the Codie’s F1 2010 forums, where there is a sizeable backlash of anger from people who have bought the game.

    There are numerous bugs which we all hope will be patched very soon, but the real bone of contention is the faked AI. Its come to light that the AI is not really happening.

    What I mean by that is that your opponents lap times bear no relation to the cars you see on track. If you have the game, try holding somebody up in qualifying and see if their lap time is affected. It appears only cars around you are generated to act as something to race against, but everything they achieve is scripted. Results and laptimes are simply generated.

    Of course for some this will make no difference and if thats the case for you, then there is a lot of fun to be had here. But over at the Codie’s forums, fans are already considering refunds.




    Now I am happy for just updating GP3 ;)



    I don’t think this really matters at all to be honest. It isn’t as if you want to purposely hold people up in quali anyway because you would (well, I would) feel like I was cheating. It is a good game.



    I was on hard mode and I struggled to catch the leaders. Anyway one thing led to another and I was getting lapped. But once I was behind them it was the easiest thing in the world to overtake them and pull away a bit.

    That’s not the thing that annoys me most:

    Time Trial “Party” – So me and Katy get the game and decided to use this feature to have a little go and see how the game plays. Katy runs wide in Malaysia as she doesn’t know the track too late. Her lap has been affected but she should be allowed to carry on just for fun to see which of us gets the best time. NO. Invalid lap.

    This invalid lap is also something I’ve noticed in my career and practice and Qualifying. Sometimes its just as little as putting a wheel on the grass on the outside of the corner. I mean for goodness sake I’m just out braking myself not trying to cheat!



    “I don’t think this really matters at all to be honest. It isn’t as if you want to purposely hold people up in quali anyway because you would (well, I would) feel like I was cheating. It is a good game. “

    Aside from the slightly empty sensation of racing against placeholders, it also puts you at a competitive disadvantage – you will sometimes get held up by traffic but your opponents never will.

    For some it won’t matter but its just a shame that there are so many titles from the past that have genuine AI and Codemasters have taken this route. The Ego engine might look nice, but its clearly not suited for an F1 game.



    I’ll hold off giving judgement, considering my game hasn’t arrived just yet, but I don’t like the sound of this at all.

    Hopefully I haven’t waited a year only to be disappointed…..



    Quoting @T4RG4 (lead designer) on Twitter:

    “For those asking – times are not faked in-race. Hope that clarifies a couple of things :)”

    I haven’t tested the bug yet myself as I’ve stuck to mostly racing online. It’ll be very disappointing if it’s true though.



    Well of course the times aren’t faked in race. The most annoying thing is not the faux lap times (its a simple way to keep the grid looking correct) is when drivers come out on a out lap and dont move out of your way!!!

    Double annoying is you get penalised for holding people up! GRR!



    gpcampbell that annoys me so much. I find in practice and quali the other cars even on an outlap try to race you into the corner. It bugs the hell out of me and should of been looked at before release.



    They are faked in the race.

    I did a 1.59 on the first lap, started in 6th pos. Finished the lap in 1st place.

    That, by default, would give me the fastest laptime of all. Unless you can change physics.

    But no, the 2 guys behind me (Alonso and Webber I think) were rocking with 1.55s. T4RG4 is a Codemasters employee. Don’t expect him to speak the truth.



    @ cyanide:

    It is now widely believed that it is not the lap times that are faked, but actually it is a bug with the timing system on the first lap. It even happens with ‘real’ players on multiplayer mode.

    The fake race lap times is just nonsense… people don’t usually realise that it would be much harder to manage the fake times on multiplayer games where there are AI cars filling the vacant grid slots than making the cars actually lap the circuit and measure their times. Most people believed in this theory based on the fakes lap times for qualifying, but then again, it was a misunderstanding, as every F1 game ever (even the so hallowed rFactor and GP4) has fakes qualifying times for the AI…

    T4RG4 is a Codemasters employee. Don’t expect him to speak the truth.

    Yes, Steve is a Codemasters employee, but when he says something on Twitter, he is well aware that it is not on the behalf of Steve Hood, but actually of his employers, Codemasters – he can’t tell us lies there. If that was a lie, his statement could be used against Codemasters, because he would be misleading (? sorry, I don’t know if that’s the right word…) the costumers.



    Misleading is the right word Guilherme :)

    Well if the times aren’t really faked then that is good news. I’m thinking of getting the game anyway but was worried the fake timing issue would cloud my enjoyment as I’d always be wondering about it.



    Codemasters said through its official forums that they will release a patch for the game. So it’s better you to report your problems to codemasters through its forums.



    They said too that will start to release the game annually. Like FIFA is.


    Keith Collantine

    Just received Codemasters’ full statement:

    Codematers respond to F1 2010? complaints

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